Friday, June 17, 2016

"Pure Power"

In college I majored in marketing. I loved that major. Unfortunately I did not pursue a career in marketing. But that doesn't men that I don't know good marketing when I see it.

I am one of those rare people who study commercials.  I have several main complaints about TV commercials:

  • Commercials that feature the "dumb white man"as the central "funny" clueless consumer
  • Commercials that feature actors that are too pretty and too skinny for the general public to identify with
  • Commercials that feature a wailing singer strumming a guitar singing about "life" 
  • Commercials that are just loud
  • Commercials that offer a "guarantee" 
And this is just a short list. Most commercials are ineffective and annoying.  Very few are informative and enjoyable.

The commercials we used to be ffed

However, every now and then on of these ad agencies "gets it" and makes a commercial that is not only innovative and pleasurable but breaks stereotypes.  One such commercial is the latest from Allstate Insurance which features the black female comedian Leslie Jones from "Saturday Night Live."  I have never seen Leslie Jones before but I have to tell you this is ONE EFFECTIVE commercial because not only is it enjoyable to watch, it is effective because now I will remember the company that the commercial is advertising - Allstate Insurance.  

Very good folks, very good.


  1. Hey Ron - the only ads I generally see are on the computer or at the movies. Now the movie ones are big production. May be bland sometimes overall - but really well produced. Kind of makes them watchable. Especially on the big screen. The ones on the computer I skip as soon as possible if i can. (you can skip this ad in 4 3 2... I'm already gone.)

    There were ads I used to enjoy. I know Fiat a few years ago had some I really liked where the man was romanticizing over this woman and finally the woman transitioned into a Fiat. Just a funny ad. Volkswagen used to have a bunch of good ones decades ago. But advertisers of course don't necessarily care that you like the ad or not just as long as you remember to buy the product.


  2. Leslie Jones is funny! That is indeed an effective commercial. Your take on commercials is right on target. The white man is inevitably portrayed as the clueless dumb ass - - and the woman, of course, is now the know-it-all who enforces the fact that the white man is an idiot.

    I particularly hate loud, singing commercials.

  3. I study commercials, too. I especially detest the male voice ones that instruct a female how to use something like a mop. Since most women are the ones doing the mopping, I wonder why a male voice has to be present. I do realize more men use mops than in the past.

    The other type that annoys me is the ever present candle or scent to make life smell good. Life smells fine. If not, use a little cheap vinegar. All the scents of candles or sprays exacerbate lung problems and can even cause lung problems.

  4. I don't watch much if any TV so I am blessedly ignorant of commercials. I tend to go into a dwam when one appears. Or I get up to fidget


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