Thursday, August 23, 2012

Memo to Prince Harry

Prince Harry Windsor ("Ginger")

Dear Prince Harry,

You're a very nice guy.  You're handsome, gentle and trusting.  Like most of us, you want everyone to like you.

You're a young man full of life.  You like to have fun.  And like most of us, you want everyone to like you.

However, please be aware that most of these people who you think are your friends and not your friends.  They are users.  THEY ARE USING YOU.

You know those women who you were playing strip poker with in Las Vegas?  They have proved they are    not your friends by taking advantage of your gullible and gentle nature by taking photos of you with their cell phones and selling those photos, thinking they will have a "career" now.

You're a nice guy Harry.  You will get past this too because you're a decent human being.

People like those women who took advantage of your friendship will continue to intrude in your life and take advantage of you.  The press, some of whom hounded your mother to her death, will hound you.

Please be careful Harry.  They're not your friends.


anne marie in philly said...

unf! such a magnificent bod!

Mark said...

Hey, I just saw the photos this morning for the first time. I'm pretty sure that he can tell the difference between real friends and fake ones. His Mom was a good teacher. And to me, I think he uses his "prince" title and wealth to get what he wants too. He's not that innocent!

Jon said...

Ironically, I was recently reading about Queen Victoria's son Edward, who later became King Edward VII. Much like Prince Harry, he squandered his time with low-class "users" and wasted much of his life carousing.

I do hope that Harry has the sense to grow out of his wild antics, but I have my doubts. Sadly, he seems to be proving that he's only one of the many people whom I call Trash With Titles. Dignity and self-restraint are obsolete. Perhaps if his mother Princess Diana had lived, he wouldn't have been drifting so aimlessly, like a ship on an uncharted course......

Have you seen the naked photos of Harry that have recently surfaced? Great bod and cute ass.
All right, I'll admit it - - I'm a dirty old man.

Amanda said...

He is so cute, young, full of life... just adorable! The security people who were supposed to take care of him have been fired. No cell phones, cameras should have been allowed at that small gathering. Not that that lesson hasn't been taught before, but really, it is a reminder that if you don't want to have a movie or photos of you all over the press, NO CELL PHONES, NO CAMERAS allowed.

Ron said...


I too think Prince Harry is very cute and full of life. I like his innocence. He's too gullible though. He has to learn.


Ron said...


You a "dirty old man?" I'm SHOCKED! :)


Ron said...


He's an innocent. Believe me. ;)


Ron said...

Anne Marie,

Yes, what a bod! Perfection.


Raybeard said...

Only this morning has ONE of our British papers (a tabloid, natch) published the pics - on the grounds that the whole world (including computer-users in this country) has had access to them on the internet for some days while the British Royal Family continues, in futile fashion, to ask all newspapers here to keep an embargo.
Btw: I'm not saying whether or not I'd already looked them up on the web 'cos I don't want anyone to think that I'm THAT sort of person!
Jon, above, is perfectly correct in telling of the playboy reputation which the then future Edward VII had, as had incidentally, the then future Edward VIII before he met Mrs Simpson, bringing the whole house of cards collapsing around him. So there's hardly anything new about Harry's behaviour. What is galling for some though, (I personally couldn't care less), is that in recent years he's so carefully nurtured a responsibly dutiful image to counter the succession of negative stories coming out during his earlier wilder days, an image which has now also been snuffed out - and he's got to start from scratch again. It's rather amusing to see everyone getting so worked up about it. We've ALL attended nude 'parties' in our time, haven't we all? Yes, I thought so. (Well, okay, maybe we're not all princes. And no jokes about 'queens', please!)

Ron said...


You're right, Prince Harry has to start from scratch again building his "family" image. It's a shame because he was doing so well. I was very surprised that he would let himself be put in such a position to have nude photographs taken. Then again, yes I've been to some pretty wild "parties" (New Year's Eve and New Year's Day) in my previous life. Thank God there weren't cell phone cameras around in those prehistoric times!


Anonymous said...

Trash with Titles....well said and I agree 100 per cent. There is no more self restraint in the world of ego-driven, idol worshiping morons who are called commoners while the so-called royals walk around with their noses in the air....royal blood, baloney, my cat is more royal.....And the British pay for this with their tax dollars...go least we can vote trash out of office.

Anonymous said...

such a babe. the harder he parties, the cooler i think he is. love his ginger hair & those cheeky blue eyes