Monday, August 27, 2012

Swiss Steak

Ron's Swiss Steak

My all-time favorite recipe is Swiss Steak.  It is a recipe that I learned from my Mother when I was a teenager. Over the years I have tweaked and adjusted it to fit my specific tastes.  This is the one recipe where I don't use measures.  I have made many versions of Swiss Steak over the years from cookbooks but my homemade recipe is still my favorite.  Perhaps because it brings back memories of my dear Mother.

I find this the perfect summertime recipe because fresh tomatoes and green peppers are readily available at your local veggie and fruit stands.  I usually ask for the bruised tomatoes because they're juicier and sweeter and I can cut out the bruised parts.

My recipe is below.  I will give you the approximate measures but feel free to add more or less to your specific taste requirements.

Ron's Swiss Steak

2 lbs. round steak or lean beef stew meat cut into small cubes
5 large ripe tomatoes 
1 large green pepper
1 large onion
2 tablespoons vegetable oil

  • Cut the round steak into small cubes (if you're not using already cut beef stew meat)
  • Mix about a cup of flour with a two teaspoons salt and pepper
  • Coat the cubes of beef with this flour mixture
  • On a wood cutting board, pound each cube of flour coated beef with a metal mallet until flat
  • Heat oil in electric skillet
  • Place flour coated beef cubes, a few at a time into hot oil.  Brown on each side, gradually placing the remaining coated beef cubes into the pan.
  • After all beef cubes are browned, drain off any excess fat, if any.
  • Lower the heat in the electric skillet to Simmer.
  • Slice the onion and green pepper.  Place on top of the browned beef cubes.
  • Place all on top of the browned beef cubes.
  • Slice the tomatoes, skin and all into bite sized wedges.  Cut out the bruised parts. Place on top of the onions and green peppers to smother the flavor into the beef.
  • Cover all and simmer for about 1 hour or until the liquid starts to evaporate
  • Serve with freshly made mashed potatoes.
  • Delicious!

Note:  With the left overs, I place them in Seal-A-Meal bags and freeze them while still hot.  These Seal-A-Meal Swiss Steak bags are a great way to have a delicious, home cooked meal during the week without all the fuss.  Enjoy!


  1. looks dee-lish! LOVE the new banner kitty; I also liked the butterfly banner.

    tourist season is allllllllllmost over...

    1. It IS GOOD Anne Marie! Try it. Especially over mashed potatoes.

  2. will be on the menu tomorrow ....... :-)

    1. Roger,

      Actually, this is a good diet dish too. Very low fat. Lean beef, lots of vegetables. Good, tasty and healthy.


  3. That looks mighty tasty! And easy, too.

    1. Walt,

      That is what is so wonderful about this recipe, it is VERY easy and VERY tasty. I'm not one to go into half a day preparation for meals. I like them easy and tasty.


  4. Thank you Ron! Another easy, delicious recipe!

    1. Nadege,

      It is an EASY recipe and GOOD! One of my very favorites. Freeze the leftovers in a freezer bag and it tastes as good as if you just made it. Especially with freshly made mashed potatoes.



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