Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My Double?

My double?
Have you ever been told you have a double?  I have.

In fact, I've been told quite often that someone has a brother-in-law, uncle, cousin, friend and/or co-work who looks EXACTLY LIKE ME.  Of course the first thing I think is "Lucky guy!"

The real me.
Yep, I unashamedly admit that I envy any guy who looks just like me.  Wouldn't you?  If someone told you that they know someone who looks exactly like you, wouldn't you take it as a compliment?  Well, I guess maybe if you had a low self-esteem you wouldn't be too thrilled with that little bit of news.

Me and my best "assistant football coach" stance
So it was with some amusement when I came across this photo on the Internet a few days ago.  I first thought it was a photo of moi.  After all, there are THOUSANDS of photos of moi floating around on the Internet.  But I couldn't remember this one.  It looked like I was an assistant coach on a football field.  Folks, the only time I've been on a football field was as the member of my high school marching band.  Obviously, this wasn't a photo of me.  However, the resemblance is remarkable.  His eyes are a little bigger but other than that, the face, especially the mouth is the same.  In fact, I think this guy is rather attractive.  Another funny thing, anytime I meet or saw someone like me and tried to make a connection, they were never interested in me.


anne marie in philly said...

I have never met anyone that looks like me (thank dog); one of me in the world is enough!

ron the stalker - NAH!

Roger said...

picture is from last year before he was fired as the Head Coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. Currently is offensive coordinator for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Ron said...


I had no idea who he was. I don't remember where I saw this picture but I immediately thought it was one of me floating around the Internet.


Ur-spo said...

People stop my on the street all the time to say "I know who you are - Naomi Campbell!!"