Thursday, August 30, 2012

181 Pets Escape Hurricane Isaac's Path

Some good news folks!  Unlike Hurricane Katrina, this time the pets weren't left behind to fend for themselves and die.  This time the right thing was done, the pets were saved.  Good news folks in this day of non-ending political campaigning negative ads, GOOD NEWS!


anne marie in philly said...

happy puppies and kitties! hopefully they will be reunited with people soon!

Bob said...

That was always a big concern of mine when we lived in Miami. We took in several animals we found wandering free when a hurricane was approaching, and the looked for their owners after the storm.

Ron said...

Always a big concern of mine to Bob, the abandoned pets. They have feelings too.

Ron said...

I'm glad they're thinking about the pets this time Anne Marie.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ron, Nice to see the story on the pets. Sadly, several weeks ago we had to put our almost 15 year old, very beloved dog down. She reached the point where she couldn't get up on her own; her back legs just went out on her. Last week we adopted a rescue puppy who is breeds unknown but closest guess is australian cattle dog mix.
I didn't get to watch any of the Republican convention because my 17 year old wants to do all of her homework in our living room so she can do it with the puppy next to her. And, she likes the tv off when she studies (a good student!). But, thanks to your recaps I can see I have missed nothing.
The story about Romney putting his dog on the roof of the car is a story that he agrees is true, but his spin is that the dog liked riding on the roof. Yes, a really empathetic, caring guy.

Raybeard said...

In any natural disaster, Ron - and, indeed, man-made disasters such as the results of bombing - uppermost in my thoughts is the fate of animals left behind, some left injured and in agony. I am therefore uplifted in seeing how these particular lucky creatures have been cared for. It's beyond my comprehension how such low priority can be given to this issue - often with the connivance of religion which regards them as 'only' animals and are therefore of no consequence as long as human beings are in trouble. (Better stop now before I get too upset and angry).

Ron said...


I often think of the animals who are hurt and lose their lives during man made and natural disasters. I am glad our society has more awareness of the fate of our fellow living beings. I agree with you the falsity of religion which regards animals as only possessions and incapable of feelings. How do they know? This arrogant attitude that assumes only human beings deserve kindness and attention. We agree Ray.


Ron said...


My condolences to you on the loss of your dear pet. I know how hard it is to lose a pet who has devoted their life to you with unconditional love. When I lost Horace (my Pomeranian of 16 years), the same thing happened. He couldn't get up. The way he looked at me like he was at fault makes me choke up even now.

I hope, in fact I know, that your rescue puppy will bring you and your family new love.


Ur-spo said...

I have become such as softie about these stories; I can't bear now to look at the photos, let alone read them
I go to pieces.

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,

Can you imagine leaving Harper behind if you were in a situation of a natural disaster that you had to evacuate immediately? I know you and Someone would not leave your best friend behind. That's the way many people feel about their pets. It was so cruel for the authorities to force people to leave their family pets behind during Hurricane Katrina. I'm glad the "authorities" finally got there senses back and realize how important pets are to our lives.