Thursday, August 02, 2012

Why I Sleep Alone

Me (in the chair) and my brother Isaac watching TV at our Boot Road apartment - 1953

Back in the Fifties, 1954 I think, our family moved from our $22.00 a month 2nd floor apartment at 120 Washington Avenue in Downingtown to a rent free 2nd floor apartment on Boot Road, Downingtown, Pennsylvania.

Our apartment at the Boot Road house - that's my Mom with her parakeet on the covered porch - 1953
The red brick building was new.  The first floor were the office of Gindy Manufacturing Company.  A company that manufactured tractor trailers.  My father built tractor trailers.  He was their first employee.

David Ginsburg, the owner of Gindy Trailers offered my father the apartment rent free if our family would live there and act as watchmen/guardians/gatekeepers of the manufacturing plant which was right next door.  This was an offer my father (my Mother actually since she handled the finances of the family) couldn't turn down.  Since we were literally dirt poor, this afforded our family to save enough money to build our own modest house, which my parents did in 1958.  More about that house in a future posting.

I remember moving into the Gindy apartment just as I was going into sixth grade, which would have been 1953.  I was 12 years old, having been born in November of 1941, one month before Pearl Harbor (a distinction I'll have all my life for which I am rightfully proud).

Me getting ready to get into the bed with my two brothers - Isaac is already in the bed, brother John took the picture as a joke because I was in my underwear and if you remember the Fifties, that was a big NO NO.  Back then this picture would have been considered racy.  Now?  Just another picture.  Times change.

The apartment was fairly large, larger than the apartment we lived in the previous six years.  We had a full kitchen, living room, one bathroom and two bedrooms.  I was still sharing a bed and a bedroom with my two younger brothers for which I was none to happy.  About a year later my Mother gave me my very own bed which I put in the corner of the bedroom.  I was so happy to finally having my own bed after years of sleeping with my brothers and my younger uncles (my father's younger brothers Sam and Bruce who lived with us for a while.  To this day I prefer to sleep alone.  Bill sleeps in his own room in the basement and I sleep BY MYSELF in the master bedroom.

Check it out!  My first bed (in the corner).  Still had to share the same bedroom with my brothers but I HAD MY OWN BED!  Progress, one step at a time.

I have never been comfortable sleeping with anyone.  Even in my heyday of tricking and bringing numbers home I would make every effort to get them out once the nasty was completed.  Yep, I was ONE OF THOSE.

I wasn't always successful in sending out into the night my latest paramour and thus would be trapped having to sleep with him (and yes, it was always a "HIM") for the night.  Some would even want to cuddle.  EWWW!  I don't like to be touched either.  Maybe that was because I was brought up without hugs.  I'm not complaining, just stating the'am.

I'm reading a gay book now about this guy who is bemoaning the fact that he has to SLEEP ALONE.  I guess this another gay gene I missed out on along with my disdain for Broadway melodies, I LIKE TO SLEEP ALONE.


  1. I enjoy the pictures from days gone by with the narrative Ron. I am amazed that you have such a detailed and extensive picture collection.

    BTW .... I noticed in your cover photo one of your socks is much highere then the other .... a new fashion statement. :-)

    1. Rogr,

      Thank you for your kind and generous comment. New fashion statement (with one sock higher than the other)? Nope. Actually, I just had those socks off as I did my T-shirt whilst being checked for skin cancer at my dermatologist's office. I forgot to tuck my T-shirt in and didn't pull my sock up. Just can't take me anywhere. :)


  2. anne marie in philly6:55 PM

    I too sleep alone, but only because spouse snores and moves around too much and talks in his sleep. I need quiet and no movement!

    I DO, however, share my bed with a small stuffed bear that I've had for probably 25-30 years now. :)

  3. It turns out both set of grandparents and my parents were sleepers apart types. I didn't realize people slept together until much later in life. Someone and I sleep in the same bed, but on opposite sides; never holding or touching. I always hold a pillow, long time habit. Harper hound now sleeps between us.

    1. Dr. Spo,

      My parents also slept in different bedrooms. I could never sleep holding or touching someone. I think all that is from the movies, and not real life. However, I do remember a brief period when I had an apartment in Philadelphia and Brad was staying with me in my apartment. I liked him very much. We slept together, spoon style. It worked then. Only time it did in my life. Of course I was in the throes of sexual attraction with him too. That could account for the exception in my normal sleeping arrangements.


  4. Anonymous7:44 AM

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