Sunday, August 12, 2012

Random Thoughts on a Summer Sunday

Me (bottom center) with friends at Chesapeake Bay cottage, Maryland - 1962

Good morning folks!  There is no particular subject on this posting other than clearing out some thoughts in my head for the week ahead.

First of all I am SO GLAD that the Olympics are finally over.  Is it me or did these Olympics seem to go on forever?  I almost always watch MSNBC which of course the past three week has been dominated by the Olympic coverage.  I have absolutely no interest in water polo (or whatever it is that they're doing for HOURS in the morning when I turn on the TV).  I don't like to watch tape delayed coverage.  I would prefer to watch the Olympics live but that is impossible because all the good stuff is tape delayed and what is live is choked with commercials and stories of all the hardships it seems all the Olympic athletes have to overcome to get to the Olympics.  I'm sure they do but after a while, every one of them?  Really?  I AM GLAD THE OLYMPICS ARE OVER.

Next subject, I've been real busy at work.  I mean extra, super busy.  This is the height of the summer tourist season and our hotel is full almost every night.  That's the good news because we're making money and I have a job.  I can see the change this year from last year in the business we're doing.  When I first started at the hotel (2006), summer was crazy.  Then when the economy went down, our business followed suit.  Each year got a little slower until two years ago there were actually days (during the week) when there was NO ONE at the hotel.  Last year we started to see the occupancy pick up and this year, it's back to CRAZY, which as I said is GOOD.  But I am busy as a one armed paper hanger.  And I'll be even busier because this week I work four days to fill in for our other part-time worker, who can't seem to go two full weeks without some kind of emergency. Yesterday she gave her notice (no surprise) so I'll be working for four day weeks until we get a replacement.  I'll try to keep up on my blog postings but I suspect I'll be too exhausted to keep up the daily postings.  We'll see.

Change of subject again, my right leg is really bothering me.  I think I have either arthritis or bursitis in it.  Of course I think the worst that I have cancer of the leg and it will have to be amputated, and then thoughts go through my mind like "How will I drive a car?", "Can I still work the front desk at the hotel?", et al.  Crazy thoughts I know but that's what happens when the body parts start to go folks. I have an appointment with a doctor next week to check it out.  How is this for a coincidence?  I picked a doctor at random (I wanted a male doctor nearby).  I saw the name Thomas Kelly who was located in Rehoboth Beach.  So I called his office and asked if he was taking new patients.  He was so I made an appointment.  When I was at my dermatologist this past Monday, I was looking at the list of doctors in the medical building that is posted in the lobby.  It turns out my new doctor is in the suite right next to my dermatologist, suite 305 and suite 306.  How is that for convenience?  Also, my new doctor has the same last name as my Bill.  The first thing I thought when I made an appointment with Dr. Kelly, was "This is the doctor who is going to take me out."  No sadness here folks, this really is probably the doctor who will sign my death certificate.  I'm 70 years old now and starting to creak and ache and fall apart a little bit more each day and most professionals (and people in general) I come in contact every day are younger than me so I am just stating reality.  This is the doctor who will probably take me out.  I hope I like him.

Speaking of which, I've been receiving more cruel and nasty comments on my blog postings in which I dare to state my opinion.  I don't post those comments because they're from trolls whose only purpose is to post those nasty comments under the name Anonymous.  The latest I received told me that I was an old man consumed with jealousy because Michael Phelps has won so many gold medals.  Well, the "old man" I plead guilty too but the jealousy charge?  Folks, I may be a lot of things but one thing I am not is jealous of anybody or anything.  That is one thing I know.  I was fortunate to have been born into a good family, albeit very poor and with a distant father.  I have been blessed with good looks (not bragging, just stating the obvious, no need for false humility at this time of my life), a good personality, good brains, I'm not lazy, I work hard, I am generous, I have some talents, I've had good health all my life, I've been in a loving a committed relationship all my adult life, and I've loved and been loved with great passion.  How many people can say that?  What do I have to be jealous of anybody else for?  As I said before, I have many faults but jealousy isn't one of them.  I've gotten everything I had ever hoped for out of life (except maybe that in ground pool).  The fact is that I am seventy years old now.  I never expected to live past sixty shows me that the past ten years has all been "gravy" for me.  Every day I live past today is a bonus.

When I receive those occasional nasty comments my first thought is "What a sad person who feels the need to project his (or her) enmity on to me."  I'm thankful that I'm not one of those persons.  I can't imagine living my life longing to be someone else and hating the person I am not.  I am quite happy with myself.  Ironically I think that attitude of mine about myself is exactly the thing that sets people like this off to leave a nasty comment.  What a sad life they must live.

So there you go folks, my ruminations today in no particular order.  I think I've cleaned out my mind and I'm ready for this coming week of busy, busy at the hotel.  I hope my leg holds out.


Melissa said...

I am sorry that people feel the need to be mean to you. It is bullying and if those people are reading this. Go AWAY and leave Ron alone!!!! Let him write what he wants, you do not have to agree.

Ron have a great Sunday, Bill too.


Bob said...

A little "brain cleaning" at the end of summer is a good thing.
Hope the leg feels better soon.

anne marie in philly said...

to ron's nasty ass commenters - GO FUCK YOURSELF! bwhahahahahaha! losers!!!!!

smooches and hugs to you and bill! :)

Jon said...

Long ago I used to receive lots of nasty comments on my blog from people who disagreed with my points of view. There's nothing worse than these anonymous cretins who take pleasure in trashing other people - - but who don't have the guts to write their own blogs.

As for the Olympics - - I've been faithfully watching the Olympic Games since 1972 and they have progressively gotten worse through the years. One big problem, as you previously pointed out, is that they are no longer broadcast live.

I've written my opinions about the 2012 Olympics on my blog, but I restrained myself from being too critical because several people from London faithfully read my blog. I didn't want to insult them.

Just between you and me - - the 2012 Summer Olympics are the VERY WORST ones I've ever seen. The entire thing was boring and completely uninspired. And I was particularly appalled at the ENDLESS volleyball coverage, which went on every day for two weeks. I have had enough of the Olympics and I'm glad it's over.
Those of us who tried to watch it should be awarded gold medals.

Ron said...


We think exactly alike in our view of the Olympics. I used to eagerly look forward to seeing them every four years. They couldn't come around soon enough for me. But, as you said, they have gotten progressively worse. I too refrained from writing too many negative things about the Olympics this year because I know a lot of people still watch the Olympics and enjoy them and don't want to read all my negativity about the Olympics. Thus I just put it out there that I don't like the delayed coverage or the over emphasis on American athletes. And the endless about filling up airtime with nothing.

You're right, those who tried to watch the Olympics and wanted to capture the excitement that the Olympics used to provide should get the medals.

Always good to read your comments Jon. Thanks.


Ron said...

Absolutely Bob, always good to have a cleansing. :)

Ron said...

That's what I say Anne Marie! It's like Jon says, the people who send the nasty comments are the ones who are too lazy or not smart enough to write their own blog and always sign Anonymous. Cowards and bullies.

Miles Slatcher said...

Thank goodness their every 4 years. I have always like the winter olympics over the summer olympics anyways, but they are slanted to the americans too. Oh well, at least you have next year with nothing---Good Luck!!! Here's hoping your leg gets better. Miles

Ron said...

Good to hear from you again Miles! I always preferred the Winter Olympics too. However, I wish the coverage on TV was more real time and give more time to the athletes of other nations. Too much focus on American athletes.

I am a bit concerned about my leg. Next Monday I have my appointment with the doctor. My Mother started to have trouble walking when she was about my age. I hope I'm not going down the same road.

Give my best to Tim.