Saturday, February 26, 2011

Roof Repaired

As I type this my roof is being repaired by 'Bobby' and his blonde, ponytailed helper who is a grandfather to seven (as he told me earlier). I am very glad to provide employment for fellow members of my community here on the eastern shore of southern Delaware.  I am also glad that these two men were able to come over here this morning and repair my roof right away. 

The price quoted ($300) was reasonable and it saves us risking life and limb (and possible brain injury which happened to my uncle who was a roofer) to climb the roof and repair it ourselves.  I remember something one of my former bosses and still friend Bill P. told me a long time ago when he was remodeling his kitchen.  After several tries at cutting his own countertops and wasting a ton of money with his mistakes, he told me"Sometimes Ron it's best to have the professionals come in and do the job."  I agree with you 100% Bill!

Ooops!  I just heard a knock on my sun room door.  It was Bobby.  He finished.  Job completed in a little under an hour!  Terrific!


  1. Sitting on the roof and looking around would be great but you shouldn't do that :)

  2. That wasn't me on the roof Tai. That was my contractor and his helper. I wouldn't chance going up on the roof.

  3. whew! what a relief !

  4. Sorry to hear this story. New house, and all that. Glad it was repaired so quickly.

    As I made my way home as the storm raged there were roof shingles strewn all over the ground and roads. A transformer blew nearby and I was without power for 7 hours.

    Candles and covers were the theme of the night.

  5. Without power again! If I was still living in PA, after a windstorm like we just had, I would still be without power. A few strong gusts of wind up there and we were without power for at least three hours. That happened on an almost regular monthly basis. At least we retain our power down here in the midst of wind, rain and snow. I'm sorry you had to endure the inconvenience of yet another night without power. That sucks.

  6. Yes Spo, I was very relieved that I was able to get someone out here that fast to fix my roof. I think it has to do with the economy. The contractors need the work.

  7. Ron,

    Glad it was a quick repair and not too costly, still $300 is $300 and that would put a dent in my wallet.

    Lot of trees and branches down around here. Even some road signs pulled right out of the ground. The wind did a job over the last week.

    Now we come to March, the windy month.


  8. Lar,
    $300 puts a dent in my wallet to but I'm glad I was able to get it repaired quickly. Another fire put out.


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