Thursday, February 17, 2011


As regular readers of this blog know, for the past week or so I've been making the big (for me) transition from a slow Internet connection and even more backward cell phone connection to Comcast high speed Internet connection (I have a need for speed) and the big switch over to iPhones.  My, that was a long sentence.  I'm sure I'll hear from my old friend Lar who will helpfully point out to me that I'm writing this blog posting like an old, tired man.  Well, guilty as charged.

So here's the deal, I had no problems with switching over my Internet connection from the slow Verizon DSL connection.  I expected problems with Comcast because when I moved here four years ago I had horror story with my Comcast dealings.  But that is history now because they redeemed themselves by their  professional, friendly and efficient manner in which they hooked me up to the Internet.  

One down and two to go.

The next hurdle was purchasing the iPhones and getting my and Bill's phone numbers "ported" (switched) over to the new Verizon iPhones.  With the help of my friend Don V., that procedure went fairly smoothly.  Time consuming but successful.

Two down and one to go.

Ah ha.  Now for TracFone.  I really don't want to rehash all the gory details because my head will explode but I will say I just got off the phone with TWO different TracFone customer service reps.  

Now here was my situation, which I didn't consider all that complicated.  All I needed to have done is new phone numbers assigned to my TracFones.  Yes folks, I intend to keep my TracFones as backup in our respective vehicles.  They're handy little phones and besides, I have zillions of minutes accrued on them.  Backups for emergencies never hurt. I saw no logical reason to ditch my TracFones even though I am totally in love with my new iPhone (Bill is another story which I will tell in another blog posting, it's too complicated to spread that manure story here.)

Two days ago I made my first call to TracFone.  I got a woman who had a heavy Spanish accent.  I didn't understand her and she probably didn't understand me.  After almost two hours I gave up.

Yesterday I call again and get a different person.  We go through entering all the multiple codes.  Anyone who has had a TracFone knows that you have to enter codes like this:


Several times!

Mother of God.  No, I AM NOT exaggerating.  

Yesterday my portable phone ran out of power while we were in the midst of trying to find out why the new phone numbers weren't working on my (mine and Bill's) TracFone.  

So this morning I started all over again.  Another two hours and this time I got someone who I could understand ("Derrick").  We were almost done (yes, after entering all those codes) and he decided that I needed new SIM cards.  As I said, we were almost done then my phone cut off! 


I call back.  I ask for Derrick so I can pick up where I left off.  Oh no, that won't work.  TracFone can't transfer phones within their buzzing sweatshop that I hear in the background.


The bottom line is she is sending me another new SIM card for Bill's phone also.  

Now I await the mail.  At least I know how to take the phone apart and remove the battery and the SIM card.  Both reps had me do that this morning in addition to reading (and my typing) all those multiple numbers in my poor little cell phones to try and get them to work. I am no longer intimidated by taking the back off of my TracFone.

So here's where I stand folks.  I have the fast Internet connection now with Comcast.  I have our iPhones and they are wonderful.  Now to teach Bill who resents me teaching him anything because he likes to lead in this partnership.

And I await the new SIM cards from TracFone in the mail.  Me and TracFone aren't done yet.  I have two Case Numbers and I have to call them back when I get the SIMM cards.  Oh joy.

I promise, my next blog posting will be somethings sexy and interesting.  I know this rehash of my four hour torture this morning was no fun reading but I had to get it off my chest or else I would explode.  
Not me but of my friend Lar last night when I was testing my FaceTime function on my iPhone with his iMac at his home - I'm using this picture because it is exactly how I feel right now - do I owe you anything Lar?


  1. I'm starting to wonder if Fred and Bill were seperated at birth. Unless Fred spends his days with you and makes it back home by the time that I arrive. Fred likes to lead too. However, he is the "tekkie", not me.
    Congrats on all of your success.

  2. Oh Mark you don't know the half of it. I have to approach teaching Bill on these things to make it seem like it is his idea and he's teaching me. Can you imagine how hard that is. Bill, the Love of My Life, has a VERY fragile ego. It must be massaged at all time or else there is hell to pay. I get the Silent Treatment.

  3. Let me guess, you use the old "Hey can you help me out with this? I'm trying to do X on this new phone and I can't get it to work just right. Let's see if it works on your phone. The steps are supposed to be..."

  4. dear me
    please remember they do this on purpose to annoy you and make life generally irritating; try not to panic and take some breaths. When in doubt, gin.

  5. Will,
    All I want Tracfone to do is assign me new telephone numbers that work on my Tracfone now that my previous numbers were tranferred to my iPhones. To me this is a very simple request. Apparently to Tracfone it is a bit more difficult than sending man to the moon.

  6. Spo,

    Good advice. Thanks! By the way, have you tried Facetime yet?

  7. Anonymous7:12 PM

    Hi Ron,

    I would never have the patience you do to do all that switching over to an Iphone. I have my Mickey Mouse Virgin phone & that's about all I can handle. My sons & grandkids don't know how I survive without a phone that takes pictures, but they do know that every holiday dinner or get together at my house that their phones go in a basket by the back door til it's time to go home. I can't stand all the texting they do & hardly have time for a conversation. They don't like it but amazingly they survive. I swear they get the shakes without them.

    I'm glad you are enjoying the benefits of all the transitions you are making & I'm enjoying reading about them.


  8. Fran,

    Actually all these changes that I have made in the past two weeks (increasing my Internet speed and switching over to an iPhone) makes my life a lot easier because now I can manage my affairs (financial, contacts, and calendar reminders) much easier because I go to one place instead of multiple places. The older I get the harder I'm finding it is to keep my life organized. An extra bonus is applications like Facetime. Now I can keep in touch with my longtime friends and new friends on a more personal basis. The iPhone is not only a novelty for me but a tool to improve my life and it has happened already.
    Did you say you have a phone that doesn't take pictures? Say it isn't so. :)


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