Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Night Dine Out Group at the Cracker Barrel

This is the first video taken with my new iPhone camera.  I'm loving it!  

Almost always, every where I go I have my Canon Power Shot A560 camera strapped across my chest.  Tonight I decided to forego the usual accessory and go with my iPhone instead.  The video above was taken with my iPhone by my friend and Mac Mentor, Don V.  Pretty good huh?  I am impressed.

Well, today was quite the day.  The temperature rose into the 70's thus affording me the opportunity to get a head start on my spring cleanup of my backyard.  First thing I needed was a new hedge clipper.

Bill and I headed down to Lowe's and I purchased a Black and Decker Monster Hedge Trimmer.  It's already paid for itself.  I trimmed five HUGE Pampas Grass plants.  All my holly trees (about 20 I think) and all my roses.  The back yard is looking good and ready for the new growth.  

The only downside to the day was that my body aches all over now.  I am coming to the realization that his 69 year old body just doesn't have the stamina it used to have when I could go all day at yard work.  I am facing the fact that I may have to hire a young (preferably good-looking) young man to do this work next year.  That is not an alternative that displeases me by the way.  Now I'll be one of those Old Guys who hires people to do my work.  I've arrived!

I knew this day was coming.  Some years ago I remember my Mother telling me, right after she finished hoeing and weeding six rows of corn after working an eight hour shift at Pepperridge Farms, that she realized she was old for the first time because she just could knock out those rows of corn like she used to.  My Aunt Mabel told me the same thing when she was 74 years old after she whipped up a huge Sunday Company Dinner, which she used to do effortlessly.  My Time has come.  My body aches ALL OVER.  I will sleep well tonight.

Thus, our Friday Night Dine Out Group meeting at Cracker Barrel was very welcomed tonight.  This is just another reason why I'm glad I retired to southern Delaware and the Rehoboth Beach/Lewes/Milton area of LSD.  We have a large retired and semi-retired gay population of delightfully interesting older gay men in this area.  Tonight was no exception.  Long gone are the days when my gay socializing was arriving at the 247 Bar in Philadelphia at the proper 11 PM time on Friday and Saturday night.  Then boozing the night away gabbing with friends and hoping to score a trick.  These days at 11 PM I'm going to bed.  Times have change and I will say they have changed for the better.  


  1. Ron,

    Yeah, my dad told me he knew he was getting old because he couldn't life as heavy objects as he use to. He told me this when he was 90.

    It was nice yesterday, but I was at work all day. Picked up the hours I had to lose early this week, though.

    It is 47 out right now at quarter to seven in the morning. For once I might not freeze while taking my walk, although there is a pretty strong wind.

    Should I take a video for you?


  2. Your yard is that large? OMG so lovely!
    I like the video featuring handsome men :)

  3. The marvelous thing about having any smartphone with sophisticated photo and video capability is not so much the high quality images -- you e x p e c t that -- rather, that you have the device with you all the time. People enjoy photographing with 35mm format cameras, they do not enjoy being 'stuck' with them between photos, so they make a choice. Having the smartphone, problem solved. It's a new world.

  4. Tai,

    My backyard is almost an acre (.98 acres). I have one of the largest lots in the development where I live. The size of the lot is one reason I built my home on this lot. I love my backyard.

    I agree with you, I like to socialize with handsome men!


  5. DomaniDave,

    You are so right. My life is so much easier now because I can slip my iPhone in my pants pocket when I'm not taking videos or photos. This is so much better than having a camera bag strapped on my torso. Plus, taking pictures and videos with an iPhone isn't nearly as intimidating thus the folks who are my subjects are more relaxed and I get more pictures of folks as they really are instead of posed pictures. Yes, welcome to the new world!

  6. Lar,

    Yes, please take a video of your walk and post it to your blog. That would be cool.

  7. You are a welcome addition to the Fri Night Dinner Group!

    P.S. the music from your blog competes with the sound of the video.

  8. Thank you Mark. I am really enjoying my one night out a week meeting new friends. This is what life is about. Good times with good friends.

    Oh yes,the music. I'm of two minds about the music. I've taken it off for awhile but most of my followers are used to it and ask for it back. I like it too. I've put a note at the top of the application that readers of my blog can pause the music by pressing the middle button. I know the music sometimes interferes with videos and reading the blog postings.

  9. Cracker Barrel?
    I thought they were 'off limits' given their stance on gay people. Has CB cleared up this matter?

  10. Spo,

    Cracker Barrel had a problem when they first opened here in Rehoboth Beach. The backlash was so terrific (from both the GLBT and straight community) that they backed off and hired a gay manager. Problem solved. However, our table of 25 old gay men still got 'the look' from some of the straight clientele when we were there last Friday night yukking it up (like they do.) We live, they live. They have to get used to it.

  11. Times change Ron, but you are still here and having fun. That's all that counts.

  12. That's right Kyle. I'm making every moment count!


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