Friday, February 25, 2011

Call the Roofer

So here I am at 6:30 this evening, after a full day of unwinding in my home from the all day ferocious winds, ready to join my friends for our Friday Night Dine Out meeting in Milton.

As I go into the garage I hear this banging sound outside.  We get a lot of wind here on the open coastal plain of southern Delaware, this close to the Atlantic Ocean.  I usually hear this knocking sound which come from the bathroom vents opening and closing.  However, this knocking was a 'demanding' knock.  I ask Bill "Could you go upstairs and see that that noise is?"  He looks about the window and sees what the problem is.  A GOOD CHUNK OF OUR ROOF IS FLAPPING IN THE WIND!  

Bill went outside to see how serious the damage was and found PART OF OUR ROOF IN OUR NEIGHBOR'S FRONT YARD!  Isn't this just wonderful?  

I was just thinking today that I didn't have any emergencies for, say, maybe a WHOLE DAY.  

I look back up at the roof and about a dozen more roofing tiles blow off onto our front lawn and the road in front of the house.  Isn't this just jolly?  

So I go back in the house and rack the old brain.  Who to call?  Do any of my friends or neighbors know an HONEST ROOFER?  You know where I'm going with this one don't you?  

I called my friend Bob C.  No, he had a roofer but he still has leakage problems.  He did give me a name and phone number of a Brazilian.  A Brazilian?  I'm game.  I called and I get THE DOGFISH BREWERY!  Thinking that I got the wrong number I call again.  Again the got THE DOGFISH BREWERY!  Do I need this aggravation?  

I called my friends Jack and Judy.  They weren't in.

So I go to the Internet and put in Google Search 'Roofing contractor, Milton Delaware.'  

I get some service whose name I forget.  After  listening to their spiel I was finally connected to 'Bobby.' Yes, 'Bobby' fixes roofs.  He will be over tomorrow.  He will check out the damage and give me a bid.

Here we go.  The adventure continues.  Never a dull moment around these parts.  


  1. Glad to see your unwinding is going wel...

  2. KIm,
    I don't have CFS but I do had a condition called 'I CAN'T TAKE A WHOLE LOT OF STRESS' Things have to calm down around here. I don't know how you folks with a family do it. It's all I can do just to handle my little world of me and Bill and this house.

  3. Sorry for that Ron! Everything's gonna be okey I wish.

  4. How horrible! I hope that everything works out for the best quickly!

  5. Wow! That must have been some wind!! It might be quite expensive to repair but at least you won't be the one climbing around on the roof.

  6. See photo you used below for the consequences of doing the roof repair yourself. Hope the repairs are expedient and without undue drama and that if you have a claim with your insurance company that they are cooperative.

  7. Will,

    The roof is repaired already with NO DRAMA.


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