Saturday, February 19, 2011


I dream a lot.  No, not that kind of dream but the kind of dream when you sleep.  

This afternoon during my nap this phrase appeared in my dream:

Trust not the king’s written word,
for it is coined in their classroom
and written in their wit
Trust not the king’s written word,
for it is false

Usually when I wake up I don't remember what I've dreamed about.  However, I do have an after feeling if it was good or bad or disturbing.  This afternoon's dream was disturbing.  It was so disturbing that I felt the need to write down what was said in my dream.  I have most of it exactly as it was said except perhaps for the last two lines which said "Trust not the king's written word, for it is false."  

I have read that some of a person's most imaginative and productive ideas come from their dreams.  I have also read that some people keep a pad next to their bed to wake up and write down immediately what they dreamed about or what was said.  I have wanted to do this but I sleep so deeply that I am too tired to go to that effort of completely waking up and writing down what I dreamed about.  

This afternoon's dreams wasn't about images.  However, this phrase was repeated over an over again.  What I find especially interesting is the word phrasing is not the way I talk or write.  I don't remember reading this anywhere.  To me this is further reinforcement of my belief in time dimension and the power of our brain to recall previous or future lives.  I sometimes think that people we have known who have passed on communicate with us through dreams.  Yes, yes, I know this sounds crazy but to me this way of thinking is more logical than the fairy tale of organized religions which I believe exist only to control man.  I won't get into that subject here because that argument would take many pages of this blog and besides, that's all been gone over so many times already that one gets numb from the arguments.

All I know today is that a message came to my brain today while I was napping this afternoon in a word phrasing that I never use or have read.  

I study the words and I think this "message" has some relation to the current unrest that is going on in the Middle East today.  The Tunisian government has been overthrown.  The Egyptian government has been overthrown.  Thousands of men, women and children are protesting in other middle eastern countries as I type this blog entry. My belief is that they are all protesting the end of the status quo where a few privileged of the ruling class dominate and the masses.  This belief of mine is not only for those middle eastern countries and other third world countries but even our own country.  I believe nothing that our government says.  It doesn't matter which party is in control, they are all the same. 

Yes, I had a interesting dream today.  I can't help but think that someone was sending me a message this afternoon as I awoke from my nap.  I felt like someone was on the "other side" sending me a warning.  Scary stuff huh?


  1. Wow...that's pretty freaky. You must have a notebook at the side of your bed. Who do you think you're channeling?

  2. that other side is often the Collective.
    You are lucky when it comes a - knocking....

  3. The 'Collective'? What's that Spo? I felt like someone or something was trying to send me a message. I did feel that.


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