Thursday, February 03, 2011

Mellon Bank Philadelphia 1984 Flashback

Joe McWilliams, Chuck Marcello, Reno Regalbuto, and Ron Tipton
Mellon Bank, Philadelphia, 1984
The past few days I've been debating in my mind what to post.  I could give you all a daily update on my doings.  Like yesterday, Bill and I made the grand sweep of the Milford Walmart to pick up copies of my photos.  Of course the girl wasn't there so we had to kill a couple of hours until she showed up.  I could complain about that situation but who wants to hear that?

Then it was down Rt. 113 to Millsboro to the new BJ's to pick up my new glasses.  Bill gets very confused with all the towns with "M's" in their name.  We live in Milton.  Milford is just up the road (Rt. 1.)_  Then there is Millsboro. Why it's enough to confuse two old men and often does.  I could complain about that situation but who wants to hear about that?

So I was thinking, "Should I post my daily doings or should I go down Memory Lane again?" As I was copying more old photos from my old computer this morning I was again reminded of my Previous Life and how much my life has changed.  I have many good memories from those previous times, which doesn't seem all that long ago but in reality is a long time ago.  My decision was made after seeing these pictures that I make a return trip down Memory Lane again.  After these trips I'm always left with a smile and a good feeling in my heart.  I've had a good life.

The picture at the top of this blog posting is of me in my position as a Trust Operations Manager at Mellon (formerly Girard) Bank in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  This was back in the day when I had a lot more responsibility than I do now as a part-time hotel front desk clerk in Lewes, Delaware.  

Pictured from left to right in the back are Joe McWilliams, the young 19 year old man who was in charge of all the TAD's (which is an acronym for Trust Administration Department memos, a job I held for many years.)  

Next is Chuck Marcello who was the supervisor of the data input unit.  I managed data input units both at Mellon Bank and later at Fidelity Bank and First Fidelity Bank.  

Seated is Reno (short for Nazereno) Regalbuto.  Reno was the supervisor of the Trust Remittance and Fee Units, of which I was formerly a supervisor.  

Standing behind these three handsome, smiling men is Ron the Unit Manager, with the body English which denotes that I am the boss.  Can you believe that?  This was back in my arrogant boss days. Oh yes, I was quite full of myself back in those days.  

I worked at Girard/Mellon Bank for twenty-two years.  This picture was taken about two years before I was right-sized out of my job.  Fortunately for me I went right up the street to Fidelity Bank and continued on with my banking career in Philadelphia for another seven years. 

Looking at this photo of me and Joe, Chuck and Reno reminds me of what a good job I did hiring good-looking guys to work for me.  

Hey, they were good at their jobs too but it doesn't hurt to be working with hotties.  
Ron and Emerson Shaw


Mark said...

Love these old photos!
I'm glad that you chose to stroll down memory lane for your post today.
Plus, I love those porno mustaches!
Your Friend, m.

Tiger Tsuki said...

Back in my banking days I worked for a (closet case) boss who only hired either gay guys or good looking straight guys! :)

Ron said...


Porno moustaches, I love it! Glad you like the old photos. I have a ton of them. At this time of my life I find it comforting to go back and look at them. I'm glad I can share them also.

Vương Tử Trực said...

I guess Chuck and Reno have Italian blood eh Boss? :)

nitewrit said...


So, at Mellon if you reach a manager position you were allowed to wear a vest as a symbol of authority.

I was wearing those three piece suits in 1984, too.I can't remember the last time I wore one now. In fact I can't remember the last time I wore a tie.

Now that I think of it, I can't remember the last time I wore a suit...or a dress shirt.

I like it better this way.


Ron said...


Chuck and Reno definitely have Italian blood. Oh yes.

Ron said...

Yes Lar. Once you reached the position of a manager at Mellon Bank you were required to wear a vest as a mark of authority. Thank goodness I didn't have a spare tire back then.

Will J said...

In the 1984 photo you look exactly like my younger brother.

As for the 'porno' moustaches, hey, it was the eighties! I kept mine until just about 5 years ago -- when it started going gray faster than the rest of me. Yes, I am a vain sissy.

Cubby said...

Oh good lord! How did you guys get any work done looking so hot like that? Did you guys have a lot of late nights in the vault?

Ron said...


Like my selection in hiring? I personally hired each one. They did a good job too!

Ron said...


I would like to see a photo of your younger brother. Could you send it to my e-mail address? Thanks!

Ron said...


I didn't hire no ugly guys. They were all straight though. I'm way more productive around hot, straight guys.

Ron said...

From my friend Penney and former co-worker at Girard and Fidelity Bank:

"Wow Ron, the picture certainly brings back my trip down memory lane. I left in November 1986 after 21 years and joined Fidelity etc. for another 21 years.

Names from the past. I can honestly say they were good times there. We were family of course until Mellon came into the picture."

Thank you for strolling down memory lane once in a while.