Sunday, February 06, 2011

iPhone, iPad, iMac and FaceTime

Bob C. on FaceTime from Sarasota, FL to Milton, DE

We finally did it! My friend Don V. and I talked our friend Bob C. into downloading FaceTime onto his new Mac laptop.   

Now I'm talking about a bunch of guys in their advanced years.  Bob C. is the baby of the group at "only" 67 years of age.  I'm 69 and Don V. is 70.  We all have a lot of information stored in our gray heads.  I don't know how much room there is for all this new advanced technology but we're trying to keep up with the younger folk who have more empty space in their heads than we do for learning all this new fangled stuff.

Don is our computer guru.  He's been using Mac computers for 27 years.  He has graciously been teaching both me and Bob all the cool functions of our new Mac computers.  I have an iMac and a iPad.  Bob C. has a Mac laptop.

Don was over for dinner with me and Bill last night.  After dinner he picked up on his Mac tutorial lessons for me where he left off last week, when he was also over for dinner (the least I could do for Don's generosity in sharing his Mac information).  

Last week Don didn't get to leave until after midnight.  We were both exhausted.  Last night we both petered out at about 10:30 pm.  One fact of life we have to face is that we're no Mark Zuckerberg (we're better looking and we can blink our eyes).  

Larry M. and me at my Mom's home 1962

A couple of weeks ago Don got me hooked up to FaceTime which is a face to face telephone communication between users of Mac products with cameras.  I was sold on this wonderful function immediately.  Now I can talk to my good friend Lar from my school days who lives in Claymont, DE. 

Larry M. and me at 10 Downingtown Street in Downingtown, PA 2004

This morning I talked to my brother John who lives in Greenville, SC.  Prior to our FaceTime conversation I used to talk to John over his poor phone connection.  Now we have a clear phone conversations plus we have all the nuance and subtlety of conversations by face to face that one can never have over the faceless phone conversations.

Brothers Ronald and John Tipton 1948 

Don has shown me just a fraction of the thousands of apps that are available for Mac users. He has been urging me to get an iPhone and now that I see all the neat new things I can do, I am convinced.  I'm going to order two iPhones (one for me and one for Bill who is 82, we're pushing the envelope here).  I think Bill was sold when he saw me and Don playing Angry Birds last night on my iPad.  Bill likes computer games.  He finds them relaxing.

My "baby" brother John and me at his home in Greenville, SC 1994

So now I have an iMac.  On February 9th, I order two iPhones.  And this spring when the new iPad comes out with a camera, I'm ordering that baby.  I'll give Bill the iPad that I'm using now.  

Who would've ever thunk that a bunch of old guys like us could ride this technological wave?  We're doing it and I feel great about it!


  1. You make me smile; you all sound like some happy 20y year olds with their latest gadgets; you sound 'so young and happy!"

  2. Spo,

    You should of seen Don and I playing "Angry Bird" last night. Bill said "You two are like little kids!"
    Guilty as charged. :)

  3. Way too cool and happy guys LOL You're awesome, Ron!

  4. Me too, I like Angry Birds and Plants vs Zombies.

  5. Thank you Tai. By the way, I had to remove my friend Bob's photo. He said he looked terrible. Oh the perils of posting pictures of friends.

  6. Tai,

    I just discovered Angry Birds. I don't know about Plants versus Zombies but it sounds cool. I'll have to check it out. Thanks!

  7. What you said about Zuckerberg, "we can blink our eyes", made me spit coffee all over. Thanks a lot!

    I'm glad you fellas are having such fun with your shiny new gadgets.

  8. Ron,

    Ask your friend about defragging the IMac, what you need and how often to do it. Thanks.

    Sounds like you're entering your second childhood to me.


  9. Lar,

    I"ll ask Don about defragging the iMac. Yes, I am entering my second childhood. Maybe I never left. :)

  10. Cubby,

    Has anyone ever actually seen Zuckerberg blink his eyes?

  11. I bought my first computer in 1986. It was a Mac Plus. It looked about the same from the outside as the unit introduced two years earlier with that big "1984" Super Bowl advertisement. Those machines make good doorstops now. Though I'm still very good tech support for my friends, I don't know as much about the inner workings of the computer as I used to. I used to pick up enormous amounts of information when things would go wrong, and I'd have to work them out myself. Now, nothing ever really goes wrong with my MacBook Pro. Who's complaining?;-)

  12. D. Dave,
    My friend Don V., who is now my Mac tutor, also has one of those doorstop Macs. I was over at his house yesterday when he proudly showed it to me. Wow, what a small screen compared to the 27 inch iMac screen I have now.
    I am now a confirmed Mac user. On Wednesday I'm ordering TWO iPhones. One for me and one for my 82 year old partner Bill. He wants one too!

    After all the years of using Windows and Microsoft, and always worrying about the eventual crash (which always happened), it is a relief not to have that worry anymore.

    I'm glad I have a friend who is showing me all the good stuff about Mac products.

  13. We have a mix of Mac and PC tech. I love Apple ease of use, aesthetic, and attention to detail. I like PC customization, software availability, and their attention to non-mob oriented thought.

  14. Kyle,
    I've maintained my older Windows based computers. I want to stay ambidextrous.


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