Sunday, February 20, 2011

Guess Who Likes His New iPhone?

The Master listening to music on his new iPhone

Guess who likes his new iPhone?  Bill!  Yes, that's right.  My 82 year old, stubborn, know-it-all, stuck in the past Life Partner for the past 46 years!  I am amazed.  AMAZED!

Bill was very reluctant even to use  a computer up until about five years ago.  He called them "A waste of time!"  Bill is of that generation that is reluctant to expose themselves to learning something new that might show them as less than perfect.  Bill is not alone in this kind of Neanderthal think.  Such celebrities as Larry Kane, Judge Judy and, yes, even Regis Philbin proclaim far and wide that they "don't need the web and all that stuff."  What they're really saying is "I'm a expert in my field and I don't want to risk looking like a dummy learning something new."  

Bill and me 1964 - were we ever that young?
In Bill's former life he was an electronics technician.  He has worked everywhere from the NBC studios in New York City to the General Electric space program.  He's met Barbara Walter, Edwin Newman, and, make sure you're sitting down for this one............Tom Snyder!

When he worked in Washington D.C. he met the likes of Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia (Bill was coming out of the Men's Room and Senator Byrd was going in, rather gruffly according to Bill, he must have had one "pushing").  

Bill was in the Army and Air Force for a total of eleven years.  He was stationed all over the world, his favorite place being Japan.  Bill traveled a lot with his job.

Twenty -seven years ago, when General Electric was going to send him on another assignment (this one to Las Vegas, Nevada) I suggested to Bill that he take the early retirement and stopped the life of travel.  We had just built a new home in the middle of the woods in Chester County, Pennsylvania and I was making mucho dinero at Girard Bank in Philadelphia and I could afford to have a 55 year old houseboy.  Bill took my suggestion and retired early.  And, as fate would have it I lost my job at the bank two years later but that saga is a subject for future blog postings.  

Bill laying cinder block at our PA home 1982 - something I would never do because it would break my fingernails

In the twenty-seven years since Bill hung up his transmitter, a lot has changed in technology.  Of course he hasn't been able to keep up with it.  He's been too busy mowing the grass and performing handyman duties around Casa Tipton-Kelly.  Yes, he's the butch one who does all that mechanically declined inclined stuff.  I take care of the household finances, cooking and am the chief spender (and very good at it I might add) in this partnership.  

Bill fixing our 30 year old tractor this past summer - we got a new one - something I would never do because I would break my fingernails

When Bill finally accepted the inevitability of computers was when he inherited my Mother's old Toshiba Satellite laptop computer.  That was about ten years ago.  I think that computer is at least twelve years old now.  Yep, Bill still uses it. The memory is full at only 1 Gigabyte.  It takes about ten minutes in the morning for it to boot up.  I've tried to buy him a new computer over the years but he refuses.  He says the one he has now is "good enough." One thing positive, I'm glad there is only one Spender in this family......ME.  

So when my friend Don V. suggested that I upgrade from my pitiful TracFone to  the new Verizon iPhone I decided to make one last effort to drag Billy Boy into the 21st Century.  I ordered one for him too.  Oh yes, I expected the usual histrionics about how I was wasting money again and expected the strum and drang that always followed these confrontations about my spending habits.  But that didn't happen this time.

To paraphrase Sally Fields' famous quote "He likes it!  He really likes it!" 

Bill and me 2010 - 46 years later and still standing!

Thank you Jesus.


Vương Tử Trực said...

46 years together, that's amazing Ron. Wish you many years more.

Anonymous said...

Ron, I have been reading your blogs daily for about a year. Each day I enjoy it - very much. Always wanted to let you know I find it so meaningful in many ways - so today I 'm thanking you for sharing your experiences.

Ron said...


We're going for the next 46!

Ron said...


Thank you for your comment. It is much appreciated.

Mark said...

Good for Bill! Maybe one day he can teach me how to use my phone?
46 years? That's super! I'm not quite sure that I know how the two of you met. Don't tell me in a simple reply, but one day, write a post about it. Even if you did it before and I missed it, please do it again.
Your Friend, m.

Nathan said...

46 years, wow!

Your vintage pics are precious.

Ron said...

It is an interesting way we met Mark. I love telling the story. I'll relate it again in a future blog. My head is splitting now after having spent all day learning more new features of our iPhones. So many cool things to learn but my old head can only absorb so much.

Ron said...


Glad you like the vintage pics. I love posting them. When I took them I didn't realize they would become vintage so fast.

Larry, aka The Kid and The Old Goat said...


We old dogs can learn new tricks. I spend a day learning that IMovie to create those videos I said I would do of my walk. They are posted finally.

46 years is an accomplishment. Do you realize this year will be 50 for Lo and me.

We all have staying power, don't we?


bobc said...

Boys and their toys....:0)

Anonymous said...

Have not commented lately since work is so busy but it is due to this work that I was introduced to the wonder world of Mac. I love my MacBook and everything about a Mac in general. We have no money personally for fun things like iPhones and iPads or an iTouch but I truly do enjoy listening to your joy and excitement about using them--it's contagious and I can be happy for you!!!

Julie A

Ron said...


Congrats on finally getting your Blogger id! You have arrived!

Ron said...


Yes, I think 50 years with the same woman is quite an accomplishment! What date is your anniversary?

Ron said...


Thank you very much for your comment. I truly love my Mac products. They are making my life so much fun and more convenient. If you can, get an iPhone. You will not regret it.

Mark in DE said...

Wow, 46 years - that is quite an accomplishment! Love those vintage photos. :-)

Ron said...

Thanks Mark. Forty six years is a long time but guess what? We're still working out the differences. :)

Ur-spo said...

That last photo is priceless.
Being together at the end is what really counts; you two are lucky to have each other.

Ron said...

Thank you Spo. I was surprised that Bill would let someone take his picture with me. I think we only have about a half a dozen pictures of us together in our whole time together. Bill doesn't like to have his picture taken, especially now that he is older. He thinks he is 'too ugly". To me he is still my Handsome Bill.

Cubby said...

I love this post! I can't wait to meet you someday. Every day seems like an adventure for you.

Ron said...

Thank you Cubby! Yes, every day is an adventure for me. EVERYDAY!
I am looking forward to meeting you also.

Kyle said...

Ron, I bet the forty-six years seemed to fly by. Stan and I only have ten under our belt and to us it just seems like yesterday that we were calling each other on the phone and courting each other. Great stories Ron. I particularly like the 1964 photo,the 1982 photo of Bill, and the last one of you two.

Ron said...

The years do fly by. Make the most of your time with Stan.