Thursday, February 24, 2011

Not Quite There Yet

That's right folks, I'm not quite there yet.  I'm still a bit off the tracks.  In fact, I feel like I've been tied to the tracks for the past few weeks because my schedule has been totally disrupted.  Don't get me wrong though, it was all for the good but this upheaval has thrown my normally, placid and controlled life out of whack. I feel like the train is coming down the tracks and I'm tied to it with the sound of the on rushing train about to overtake me.

Take for instance this morning.  I had all good intentions of writing one of my 'Trip Down Memory Lane' blogs to include some of my vintage photos from the 70's gay era.  All 'good intentions', those are the operative words.  Well, you know the saying about 'all good intentions.'  So true this morning.

So here is what I did.  I thought before I totally committed myself to delving deep into my iPhoto library looking for those vintage 70's photos and cleansing my mind of current events to GO BACK TO THE GOOD TIMES of the 70's, I would take care of my new Verizon Wireless account.  HA!

Two hours later and here I am.  Yes ladies and germs, I was on the phone with Verizon for almost two hours getting my new wireless account set up on my computer so I can view my account on line and make payments on line.  I had assumed that all I had to do was sign on to Verizon and view my account.  Oh no. It doesn't work that way.  I had to setup a whole new account.  Yes, yet ANOTHER Verizon user name and password.  So, here I am two hours later, clock is a ticking, I haven't taken my daily walk yet, and I have to go to work again today.  These days I've been working three days (in a row) a week which is really knocking me off of my game.  

So that's where I am now friends, getting myself together again.  I don't know, is it me or is life a lot more complicated these days?  

See you tomorrow,  hopefully I won't be wound up so tight.  I am so ready to go back to the good old boring Ron coasting through the day, taking occasional trips down Memory Lane and being my usual happy self.  


  1. Oh No! Verizon trouble! Do you think you've slipped back in time? Sorry, I'd hoped your difficult times were over. Well, hopefully, that's the last of it. I wish you smooth sailing and restful times and enjoyable electronics from now on!

  2. Ron, you should think about retiring. Oh wait...
    Sorry, I couldn't resist :-)

  3. Ron,

    Looking forward to seeing unencumbered Ron back.

    You can go to my Blog nd take a virtual walk with me to make up for your missed ones.


  4. Cubby,
    Very funny:)

  5. hohoho
    for this I am very glad.

  6. I plan to come back tomorrow Lar. I'll be glad to do so. I've had too much going on the past few weeks. I need to slow down and get back to normal. Unencumbered is a good word.

  7. Looking forward to those vintage 70s pictures. Keep us posted on how your Verizon wireless endeavor.


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