Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Rendezvous In Little Tokyo

Me, Nadege and Pat in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles

After a one day hiatus, I return to our trip to Los Angeles.  Pat and I were going to meet Nadege, a follower of my blog.  Nadege occasionally leaves comments on my blog.  Earlier we had met with Tony, another follower of this blog who lives in Los Angeles.

Pat and Nadege in Little Tokyo store - good thing I had to take a plane back to Philly or else I would have bought something I didn't need in this wonderful store

Pat and I were very much looking forward to meeting Nadege.  She always is so kind and generous with her comments on my blog.  

Originally we were to meet at The Grove, the chi chi "farmer's market" in West Hollywood.  But Pat and I went early to make sure we could find The Grove on the previous day and of course, we were enchanted by The Grove.  Nadege suggested that we meet in Little Tokyo, downtown Los Angeles, the next day.  

Well folks, again I was not disappointed with meeting in person someone who followed my blog.  Nadege is an absolutely delightful person.  What is it with bloggers and people who follow blogs?  Everyone I've met so far has been so nice, and kind and generous. 

I'm not going to divulge any more information about Nadege to protect her privacy but I will say that the time we spent with her was enchanting. I know that this is the second time I'm using the word "enchanting" in this blog but there is no other word to describe Nadege or our time with her.

Well, my home health care worker is due to arrive soon and I have to be in my bed with my leg elevated to take some of the swelling down, which happens when I sit at this computer composing theses "enchanting" blog posts.

By the way, I had some extra photos that have nothing to do with this post that I want to include just to give you all an idea of our continuing wonderful stay in Los Angeles.

Pat talking to a a fellow guest in the dining room of the bed and breakfast where we were staying - all the fellow guests were so nice - we will be back next year!

Pat did all the driving while we were in Los Angeles.  He had been to Little Tokyo before so he knew where we were going.  If we got lost, I had my iPhone with its GPS, which came in very handy.  Thank you Pat for driving!

I don't know what we're doing here but I think we're still in West Hollywood because of the Bill Mahrer billboard - Pat sure does stand out in his day-glo jacket doesn't he? We still weren't discovered.
Pat is an experienced city driver because of all the years he's been driving his cars in Toronto. You think L.A. traffic is bad, you should go to Toronto.  Now that's city traffic, a slow lava flow.  Pat had no problem with L.A. traffic.  

Pat in front of The Viper Room. Yep, the same Johnny Depp owned night club where River Phoenix died on the sidewalk outside from a drug overdose.  So sad.

Next year when we return to West Hollywood we're going to go into the Viper Room.  I can just imagine what the cover will be.  I was watching the Lisa Kudrow TV series "The Comeback" last night and she had a segment on the Viper Room.  Looked pretty cool.  Pat and I want to experience that.

Another selfie of the Two Old Pervs

Alright folks, sorry about this disjointed blog posting but I do like to get in as many photos of our L.A. trip as possible.  Now I really do have to get ready for my home health care worker.  Only one more visit (Thursday) after today.


Jon said...

I'm not surprised that Nadege and Tony are fantastic people. I've met a few bloggers and was never disappointed. I've always maintained that I'd like to live in a neighborhood filled with my blogger friends. It would be incredibly interesting.

The moment I saw that photo of the Viper Room I thought of River Phoenix. I liked "My Own :Private Idaho."

Travel said...

Shopping and travel go hand in hand. Flying does place some limits on what I can bring back.

Ron said...

So far I'm batting a 1,000 in meeting my blogger friends (and commenters) in person. All very nice, genuine, intelligent and fun people. Meeting people over the Internet has sometimes had a negative stigma but I haven't it so except for that period in the last 90's when I tried to meet guys through the Internet dating sites. Almost all of them were liars and not nice people. Truly weird. But the bloggers are different.
We had just walked by the Viper Room when we realized that "This is the Viper Room!" That's what I liked about our stay in Los Angeles (West Hollywood), so many landmarks right there. I loved it!

Ron said...

My shopping days are over. I'm just too old to accumulate anything more. At my age I'm getting rid of things before I go.

Unknown said...

More coolness! I love this trip! I am going to write out everywhere you went, and duplicate it as soon as I can!

Peace <3

Amanda said...

It seems like I was with you two ages ago; Little Tokyo and Hollywood are just not the same without you there.

pat888 said...

Ron - you are so right about whom we met in LA. So nice of Tony to meet us for lunch in that very nice restaurant on that beautiful day (of which there were many during our stay). And Nadege who also brought us to that nice restaurant in Little Tokyo which we visited again on our own time. And Tony - we didn't do the hike but we drove up the Hollywood Hills - amazing. And Nadege - thanks for bringing to our attention The Grove and the Farmer's Market. But despite these nice locations introduced to us it was meeting up with Tony and Nadege that was the real treat.


Ron said...

That's right Pat, both Tony and Nadege so nice to us. I am so looking forward to returning to L.A. next year and perhaps even meeting more blogger connected friends in person. Here that Jon?

Ron said...

You just made my day. You are so kind and generous. I wish we could visit you more often. But we will be back in January.

Ron said...

Thanks Jay. I enjoy writing about it and I'm glad I have an appreciative audience. I have lots more to go plus I never did post all the photos and videos of last year's trip to Toronto. That I will do after posting about our Los Angeles trip. I'll have to do that before I return to Toronto this year. (smile)