Thursday, March 19, 2015

Visit to Doctor and Other Thoughts

Filling out the paperwork (again) while waiting to see my doctor yesterday

Yesterday I saw my doctor (orthopedic surgeon) for the first time since my surgery a week ago.

My appointment was at noon-time, apparently during his office's lunch time because there were no other patients in the waiting room.  

Bill and I arrived early (45 minutes) early as we usually do for our appointments.  Generally we are taken in early but not yesterday.  

We waiting in the waiting room.  After about twenty minutes my leg really started to hurt (I have to keep it elevated).  I sought out one of the office assistants and asked if I could be placed in one of the backrooms on one of those tables where I could keep my leg elevated.  She seemed a bit annoyed with me and said "No one is allowed in back until the doctor is in."  She said it twice. I got the message. My leg was still hurting, and getting worse.  She suggested that I elevate my leg on another chair in the waiting room.  That I did and the increasing pain in my leg started to recede.

"Ah, relief!"
 One o'clock, my appointment time rolled around (and their lunch hour was over), I was taken back to one of the back rooms to wait for my doctor. A big sign on the door says "NO CELL PHONES".  That's why  you won't see any pictures of those rooms.

The doctor's assistant opens my brace so I'm ready for the doctor.  He comes in the room about ten minutes later.  It is very uncomfortable for me to lie on one of those tables because they are build for short people.  If you're over 5'6" you're hanging over the table.  I'm 6'3" so I'm a LOT hanging over the table.

My doctor comes in and surveys my wound. He's pleased with the healing.  He suggests that I start to do some exercises of slightly bending my leg every day.  Not too much but enough to keep my leg muscle from atrophying and becoming "flab" (his term).

He said he will take out the staples (all twenty-five of them) at my next Tuesday, my next appointment with him which will be two weeks to the day since I've had surgery.

Bill and I leave and the three of us (me, Bill and my walker) hobble out to our car.  I tell Bill to wait while we're in the car so I can do a Rapid Order with Panera Bread.  I have an iPhone app for Panera Bread in which I can order anything, have it paid for and pick it up in ten minutes.  I was hungry and I need my protein.  

I didn't feel like all the effort of preparing food for lunch.  I've decided that during my convalescence I will order out, often.  It's good food, nutritious and much less effort than cooking and preparing it myself in our kitchen.  Yesterday I ordered a roast beef sandwich with horseradish, a broth bowl and a Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich for dinner. Oh my God, delicious! 

My Panera veggie sandwich for dinner - which looks exactly like their photo - which is very unusual because rarely does food look like their photos but Panera Bread is as advertised
I had a nice LONG afternoon nap yesterday (2 1/2 hours).  Of course I awoke in time for dinner and that scrumptious veggie sandwich with fresh homemade bread (tomato basil, nice and chewy).  

My dinner layout last night, accompanied by Panera Bread black bean soup, Glove magazine and Steve Kornacki on MSNBC filling in for Chris Matthews on "Hardball"

This morning, out my bedroom window I saw a flash of yellow.  My first daffodil!  Spring is here.  A little later this morning "Robin" from Home Health Care is stopping by to change and clean my wound. 

Progress is being made folks.  Each day that goes by is a day closer to returning to my normal life.  But I will say one thing, this experience I'm going through now isn't for naught.  I always learn something even from bad experiences.  Even though this is probably one of the worst (right up their with my kidney stones and prostate cancer and hernia operation with a staph infection), I again have a new appreciate for good health.  Being able to get around on one's own, being independent and mobile.  Being about to come and go as one pleases.  Being able to enjoy each day as it comes without any encumbrances and restrictions.  Being able to have freedom.  I will alway remember how fast that freedom can be taken away from you in an instant.  If it was not for that one stumble on the ice build up at the base of that drain pipe, today I would be going to work.  Which, by the way folks, I miss terribly, going to work.  

This time of year is one of the my favorite times to go to work, when the days get longer in spring but before school lets out and the hotel gets packed.  But in only a few short months I will be back to work and that day folks will be a glorious day.


Raybeard said...

Getting there, then - but not always with the assistance from officialese for which might have hoped. Still, that veggie sarnie (Do you use that word? Perhaps it's only Brit slang.) should be enough to chivvy up the most depressed of souls. Yum yum!

Anonymous said...

I hope by the time you are well and mobile again that your job is still there waiting for you, that they haven’t chosen to replace you with someone else.

Ron said...

Of course this thought has crossed my mind more than once too. I would like to think this wouldn't happen but since my recovery will be so long (total hour months) I am a bit concerned. Hopefully my fears are unfounded.

Ron said...

That veggie sandwich was sooooo good. I could have one every day for lunch. What really makes it is the fresh bread baked daily and all the other fresh ingredients. Nothing wilted and dried out,

Postcard Cindy said...


With the turn over at your job I expect they are eagerly awaiting your return, especially since you were injured there. Sounds like you are doing great and I bet it feels good to be allowed to bend your knee! Rooting for you out here in sunny CA, but I wish it would rain. It looks like it will be another annual flower free year. I will plant some in pots though, since I have no travel plans for the summer.

Cindy from Sonoma

Jon said...

Ron, if I ever saw you holding one of those delicious Mediterranean sandwiches I'd snatch it and run (you wouldn't be able to chase me). Wow, 25 staples is a heckuva lot. I bet you'll be ecstatic when they are finally removed.

I have to remove the stitches from my cat Scruffy today (she was spayed last week). It was 70 degrees here on Monday and today it's very cold and rainy. No daffodils in sight.

Ron said...

That Mediterranean veggie sandwich was so good. Fresh, spicy and the freshly home baked tomato basil bread . . . . I could have one of those sandwiches every day. I just wish the Panera Bread wasn't six miles down heavily traveling Route One.
You bet I'll be ecstatic when these staples are out of my leg. My flesh is starting to grow around them and itch. And I'll be glad when I can take a real shower again.
70 degrees! That is fabulous! If you don't see any daffodils, plant some in the fall, they will multiply like rabbits and the rodents (squirrels) won't bother them. I love daffodils, the first harbingers of spring and great weather. Tonight I normally would be at work. I so miss not getting outside on a regular basis. I won't be totally healed until the beginning of June which seems so long away. What an ordeal this is but I'll get through it and I hope it's the last one in my lifetime except when I die.

Travel said...

It has taken me decades to stop being always early. My parents motto was if you weren't early, you were late. It has taken a lot of work to get past that.

Unknown said...

You are amazingly upbeat, given all the pain and inconvenience this has been, and will continue to be! I've been turned onto Panera, and enjoy it, too. Good food, reasonable price, and as you say, it looks like the pictures!

Keep the chin up, and prepare to go trouser shopping when this is all over, since all of yours are slit up one side and that would not look good at work!

Peace <3

Ron said...

I hope they are eagerly awaiting my return at work. I know I sure miss working, especially on a early spring evening like this evening when I normally would be at work. Maybe this is one more good thing that comes from my accident, a new appreciation of my job and how incredibly fortunate I have been. Shop just God's way of saying "Appreciate what you have Ron."
I hope you get some rain Cindy. That's something else I've been taking for granted.
I can bend my knee ever so slightly but not too much. Each day that goes by is a day closer to normalcy.

Postcard Cindy said...

I would be willing to forgo the rain just as long as you are able to get into your yard! I am a freak with water saving, though my yard will get watered tonight. I do many sink baths! I am more than willing to do my part and I do, but I miss taking a bath!

Cindy from Sonoma

Geo. said...

I too am impressed by your positive attitude. I know it's not easy when you're in pain but you seem very good at finding things to be happy about. You set a good example, Ron.

Ron said...

Same here, my Mother drilled into me to always be early for my appointments. I always give extra time for traffic delays. But like you, I'm tryting to work past that.

Ron said...

I wonder how many people know how painful, inconvenient and sometimes maddening a condition like this is. I never knew but now I have a new appreciation for anyone who is immobilized with a condition like this. I'm just thankful that I can still manage to hobble around upright with the help of a walker. Simple routines like going to the bathroom are a major effort but I can still do that thank goodness. What keeps me going his that each day is one day closer to normalcy.

Ron said...

Thank you Geo.. Sometimes it's not as easy as I may seem to portray in my blog postings. I'm still having a hard time wrapping my head around that recovery will take three months (June). But I am so thankful I don't have to spend that time in a rehab facility, which I would have to if it wasn't for Bill. I feel so sorry for those folks who live alone and don't have anyone to care for them. Just basic needs like grocery shopping, and visits to the doctor. Of course the home health care visits I'm receiving are a great relief. I am amazed at how vulnerable we are. Just one fall away from disaster or a tragedy. I was lucky I had my iPhone with me or my situation might have been much worse. I hate to even think about what could have happened. Thanks for your words of encouragement Geo, they help a great deal.

Ron said...

Raining here again today Cindy. Wish I could send some your way.

Ur-spo said...

Good progress indeed; keep eating the protein.