Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Ron Goes Shopping With His Walker

Yesterday I ventured out with my walker.  I had an appointment at my V.A. doctor's office.  I was hesitant to take my walker (I didn't want to look like I was milking my injury) but my home health care worker said to definitely take my walker when I go out.  She said "You don't want to fall and cause another injury which will set you back." Yes, I definitely don't want do that.  I have a couple more months to go until my leg heals completely  and I sure as hell don't want to go backwards.  This healing process is taking long enough as it is.

My visit with my V.A. (Veteran's Administration) doctor went well.  He gave me some good information about my injury and orthopedic doctor's in general.  He said my leg injury is not uncommon and should heal completely which gave me peace of mind. Sometimes a crazy thought goes through my head that I'll be on a walker the rest of my life and unable to walk down stairs or do a hundred other every day physical activities that most everyone else takes for granted.

After seeing my V.A. doctor, we were on Rt. 113 so I suggested to Bill that we go down to Millsboro and B.J.'s Wholesale so I could stock up on groceries.  I didn't want to put Bill through the stress and aggravation of trying to figure out what I wanted.  Of course this meant that I would have to hobble around the vast expanse of the B.J.'s Wholesale warehouse on my walker.

Let me tell you folks, that store is BIG when you're shuffling along on a walker.  Wow.  I was exhausted after we finally finished shopping.  What usually takes us about fifteen or twenty minutes took a good hour.  Poor Bill, he had to push the cart (I always push the cart) and he had to slow walk behind me.  But I got a lot of good shopping done including buying some really good-looking beef for beef stew. My health care worker says I need a lot of protein and I've been hankering for some homemade beef stew, which I make pretty good.  

Today, between twelve and one o'clock "Cynthia", my home health care worker of the day, comes by for my twice a week visit.  My staples com out today folks!  Can a real shower be far behind?


Postcard Cindy said...


Though it took a long time to shop and it wore you out I bet it felt good to be there. Glad you got more information on your recovery and it sounds like you are doing everything right. Enjoy your beef stew and getting the staples out. Hope that doesn't hurt much and you are finely able to have a long awaited shower!

Cindy from Sonoma

Ron said...

Even thought it took me a long time shopping and exhausted (I really was by the time we got to checkout), I'm glad I was able to regain some of my freedom of mobility. I couldn't even get one of those go carts yesterday, they were all gone so it was just as well I had my walker. And yes, I am so looking forward to taking a shower again. I'm managing my sink baths better each day but I still prefer a shower. Baby steps, getting my life back.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ron,
You'll get over your injury just fine. My partners 83 year old grandmother fell and broke her hip. She was back up and raring to go in about 8 months!!! He always said she was fiesty!!! Well wishes and hugs,

Ron said...

Eight months! I'm happy for your grandmother that she's up and around but gee, I hope I don't have to wait that long. Three months is long enough for me. This is killing me, being this inactive, especially at spring time but I don't have a choice. Just get through it.

Raybeard said...

It's not that long since I'd have been fuming and muttering to myself trying to get past the likes of people such as you, though in the short clip there's plenty of room to overtake. Now with my own possible similar state beckoning I'm much more tolerant than I was. It's a shame that sometimes it needs a hard dose of reality to shake up ones perceptions. Maybe you yourself were already there before your accident.

Travel said...

It is good to see you out and about. You look better, getting stronger and more active.

pat888 said...

Ron - what more can I say - the bloggers have said it so well. When I visit you next time we'll be strolling along and all this won't even come to mind.


Amanda said...

It pains me to read what you and Bill are going through but all in all I think you are very lucky Ron. Lucky you were in good health when you fell, lucky to have Bill (and all your real & blogger friends), lucky to have an insurance, good doctors, a walker, home care… The worst is over, spring is here, stew on the stove… Life is good!

Ron said...

Believe me when I tell you I count my blessings. My fall could have been so much worse, and even fatal (late at night, 5 degree temperature and me laying in the alley all night). I do have good insurance, good doctors, home health care and most important Bill. I feel so bad putting this burden on Bill but hopefully this is my last medical crises. Last night I made a delicious beef stew (took a lot out of me), the green new growth of spring bulbs are up and the birds are chirping. Life is good!

Ron said...

That is the day I'm looking forward to and this will just be another medical war story that I can bore my friends with.

Ron said...

Yes, I am getting more active but I still have to be careful, to give my damaged tissue time to heal. I have to watch that I don't overdue it or else I set myself back. Yesterday my home health care worker said my biggest challenge is patience. I agree with her. The next two months I will have to exercise a lot of patience while I heal.

Ron said...

Believe me, I have a new found sympathy for people "the likes of me" (with my walker). We just want to get around like anyone else. I am now much more tolerant of others who have some kind of disability. I take my situation as a lesson. I always try to get something good out of a bad situation. I'm getting a lot out of my situation now, including how lucky I am this wasn't worse. It could have easily been so.

Ur-spo said...

good news! By now you got that shower I hope?

Ron said...

Shower tomorrow, three weeks since I've had one. About time.