Thursday, March 05, 2015


Bill and I just got back from shopping at Walmart.  I had to use one of those motorized go carts again. I would ask Bill to pick up my items but he gets them mixed up.  All I needed was the Walmart brand of bran cereal and 100% Concord Grape/Cranberry juice.  I stocked up big time since leaving the house, getting in the back seat of the car and getting out is so laborious.

I also took a shower this morning, which is exhausting.  What normally takes me about five to ten minutes takes at least forty-five minutes now.  I have to be very careful with my injured leg, I can't lift it.  I have to drag it over the small metal ridge into the shower.  And I certainly don't want to collapse in the shower with my leg giving out so I have to take my metal cane in with me. Then I have to wash with special anti-bacterial soap, which I was told to do several days before my surgery.

I don't feel as bad now as I did yesterday with my little setback of cardiac clearance prior to my surgery.  I understand now this is fairly common practice in the litigious society we live in today. And I do have an extra heartbeat that I've known about for the past few years.  My cardiologist says it is fairly normal for a person of my age (old guy that I am) to have the lower left ventricle not close all the way and the rest of the heart to try and make up for that pump malfunction.  He said "After all Ron, your heart has been beating non-stop since 1941."  These days I am getting more and more references to what an old man I am.  Funny that, in my mind I'll always be a Young Guy. 

Me at the doctor's office the other day filling out more forms

I have a fairly restful night last night.  I finished watching the last episode of "Downton Abbey."  Now for another non-violent series (all my Netflix DVD's have violence which I'm not in the mood for right now) to take my attention away from my current situation.  Watching the white tie tuxedo lords and bejeweled ladies sitting around that magnificent banquet table for "dinner", really helps. 

Upstairs with the swells, where I wish to be
Downstairs with there servant class - where I belong
I wish I could go on folks but I am exhausted after the shower this morning and shopping this morning, which requires me getting in and out of the car and onto that go cart.  I've said it before and I will say it again, thank God for my Bill.  What a saint he is.  Going on fifty-one years and he's still waiting on me hand and foot.  Maybe I do have it better than Lord and Lady Mary Crawley of Downton Abbey.

Lord and Lady Mary Crawley ; "What? Ron Tipton is joining us for dinner tonight? And just WHO IS HE?" 
Guess who is coming to dinner


Travel said...

It is good to see you moving about

Ron said...

It was good to get out David but exhausting. I'm recouperating now.

nitewrit said...


In this day and age I'm surprised they let you zip around in that cart without a helmut! Keep on trucking'.


Ron said...

No seat belt either!

pat888 said...

Ron - I'm surprised our government up here hasn't mandated a driving test, special licence and insurance for the cart. It's great that some stores provide them for customers. Congrats on getting a lot done today with your limitation of movement. Sorry your operation isn't tomorrow as was planned. Hope it's at the beginning of next week rather than at the end.


Jon said...

Actually, those motorized carts look like fun except that (as you said) you can't reach things on high shelves.

I would love to dine upstairs with the Crawleys - - but I'd probably be kicked out for having bad manners (and for making passes at Thomas).

Tony said...

You might enjoy Parks and Recreation. An upbeat clever comedy that is streaming on Netflix.

Unknown said...

Glad you are coping, I do get you!

Peace <3

Postcard Cindy said...


Next time your board one of those carts give us a smile! At least you are out and about, even if it is tiring. Give yourself some credit for all you are still able to do. I know how hard it is when you can't do what you are used to, but this to will end. Hopefully in time for your spring planting! I worked out in my yard doing clean up for 3 1/2 half hours today. After my shower I needed a two hour nap to recover from that hard labor. We aren't getting any younger are we? Looking forward to you getting back on your feet, working in your yard, and seeing those wonderful pictures and videos!

Cindy from Sonoma

Raybeard said...

Only just catching up (yet again!) on your recent and present travails, Ron. Makes my struggles with a heavy cold over the last two weeks seem like a little 5-second itch in comparison - and I'm once more counting my blessings. Hoping that in your next blog there'll be something more positive and hopeful to read, though I suspect it may well be a little time before that happens. Meanwhile we'll all continue to give thanks for the indefatigable Bill.

Jono said...

Someday I want to have a jacket with tails like Mr. Carson. I get my other knee replaced in two weeks, but will probably just stick to my walker. The wife wants to paint it red and call it 'Jonny's Red Walker'.

Ron said...

Good luck in your second knee replacement. Two of my classmates have had their knees replaced. It's not easy.
I thought I was lucky by having good knees then this fall happens. You just never know.

Ron said...

I hope the worst of your cold is over. I know how a bad cold/flu can really get you down. Believe me, you do not want THIS (falling on ice and severing your leg ligaments) to happen. It just goes to show that one could be one step away from assisted living, if only temporary. Thank goodness I have Bill with me.

Ron said...

I'll try to smile the next time I board one of those motorized go carts (or whatever you call them). Believe me, I have a new found sympathy for people who have no other choice and have to use them. Mobility is so important. Also, I am so looking forward to posting more of my photos and videos of our trip to L.A.

Ron said...

Thank you Jay!

Ron said...

Thanks Tony. I don't do streaming on Netflix but I will check into ordering the DVD's. I just need some mindless entertainment while I'm laid up.

Ron said...

I would like to see both of us dining upstairs with the Crawleys. I bet we would make an interesting dinner conversation. Just once, I would like to dine like they do, my fantasy.

Ron said...

Give the government time, they probably eventually will mandate a driving test and special license for those motorized carts!

Ur-spo said...

Oh ! I just love these photos!
It is an ill wind that blows nobody good but you are getting some fab photos out of this medical travesty!

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
Dinner at Downton Abbey . . . . tonight! Just you and I. White tie and tail. Loverly.