Monday, March 23, 2015

Ron and Pat Do Hollywood and Vine

More from your two intrepid adventurers, the "Ron and Pat Show Go To Hollywood."

Folks, looking at these videos and pictures that I took while we were in Hollywood this past January brings back a big smile to my face.  It also brings back sadness because I see how I'm walking around regular, something I took for granted that I will never take for granted again.

As I said in my previous post Pat and I decided to take the long walk all the way down to Hollywood and Vine one evening, in search of the original location of the 60's TV show "77 Sunset Strip."  Of course we didn't find that location but what we did find was a lot of people, lights, history and excitement. 

Just two happy tourists taking in the night at Hollywood and Vine in January
We weren't disappointed at all with our personal Walk of Fame.  Oh sure, we got some looks from "the regulars", obvious tourists that we were.  But so what?  We were having fun.  Life is too short to worry about what other people are thinking.  Besides we even got a couple offers from strangers to take our pictures after seeing us struggle to take selfies.

Not the best pictures but a non-selfie. Lots of activity at Hollywood and Vine.  We loved it!
Look at the stars embedded in the sidewalk behind us in this photo.  So cool.  So this is actually the Walk of Fame?  Loved it!

The Walk of Fame - next year I'm going to look for my favorite stars
Every few feet we walked we saw yet another famous landmark.  Behind us in this selfie you'll see the Capitol Records building. The actual Capitol Records building!

The fearless duo right in the mix 
Hey folks, I'll admit that this blog post doesn't have a lot of substance, only an excuse to post our video and pictures of us during our walk down Hollywood and Vine. See those happy faces?  That's what it's all about.

Yet another selfie trying to catch the glamour and glitz of thee Hollywood and Vine
By the way, as we progressed further on Hollywood and Vine we did venture into the tacky sections.  I'll post them tomorrow.  But for now, this was the glitzy, fun, tourist part of our FABULOUS visit to Hollywood and Vine on a balmy January night.  

We now have a new tradition, every January we descend on Hollywood. 

Pat may live in Toronto and I may live in Delaware but we get together three times a year.  In May (or June depending on the healing process of my leg) Pat comes down here to Delaware and we spend a week together exploring the many attractions of Delaware as well as southeastern Pennsylvania  

In August I visit Pat at his home in Toronto to celebrate the when we met (August 2013) and the end of the summer season.

In January we visit Los Angeles to celebrate our birthdays (November and December).  

Life is good folks.  


pat888 said...

Ron - that was such a good time. I really appreciate your posting these - brings it all right back. Love LA. Another typical Facebook page I just read - a posting from my ex boss who just visited a secluded Mexican resort where some of the people were just robbed. I'm glad our interests go toward visiting cities rather than secluded resorts. It's a matter of taste I guess but I'm glad that's our preference.


Jon said...

Hey, you're in my territory! Love the photos - - and your trip to L.A. continuous to ignite my memories. I've been in the Pantages Theater and the Capitol Record Building numerous times. I sure don't remember the neon "Hollywood & Vine" sign. Or that little security camera next to it.

Travel said...

Looks like fun, keep having fun, it is good for us.

kelly said...

Hi Ron,

I am a new reader to your blog and enjoy the way you write.
You are an inspiration in your happy go lucky attitude in life.


Unknown said...

Sooooo freaking awesome! Please just thrust that over-sized duffle bag past the scale next year! HAHAHAHAAA

Peace <3

Raybeard said...

And I suppose the two of you, while sauntering down the 'Walk of Fame' (with frequent stops) were whistling "When you wish upon a star......". I would have been. By now, perhaps some of those star names' reputations had so faded that you scratched your heads wondering who on earth they were?
Making every January a date to meet up in Hollywood is a grand idea. It certainly should give an impulse to the year, something to look forward to after the Xmas/NY 'indulgences'.
I can see how seeing yourself walking ably so recently when now you'd give so much to be capable of doing again what you then took for granting must indeed be poignant. But I hope things are still going in the right direction, albeit far slower than you'd like.

Ron said...

I definitely will be sauntering down the "Walk of Fame" next year, without a walker or a cane. I'm a believer in always having something to look forward to doing. Once you don't have anything to look forward to doing, that to me is the end of a reason for living.
I am now convinced I had this leg injury to cause me to stop and reflect on how lucky I am in life and to appreciate what I have and not to take anything for granted.

Ron said...

You would love Hollywood!

Ron said...

Welcome Kelly! Thank you for your very generous compliment about my writing style. I love to write. I've never had training. I just write as the thought flow from my brain to my fingertips and I will continue to do so until arthritis slows me down. And kudos to you for seeing that I do have a "happy go lucky attitude in life." Always have, always will until I take my last breath.

Ron said...

Visiting Los Angeles with Pat was one if not the best time of my life. We're doing it again. Capture lightening in a bottle.

Ron said...

I have to admit you were partly my inspiration for visiting Los Angeles and Hollywood. Pat's always wanted to return to L.A. But I had heard so many negative things about L.A., I wasn't keen on visiting but after hearing your stories and Pat's pleasant trip, I decided to go and I'm glad I did. A trip to L.A. and West Hollywood will be an annual event for us now.

Ron said...

I'm glad I took your suggestion to visit L.A. I had a wonderful time. As for visiting Mexico, I doubt if I need to do that, I have enough of "Mexico" right here in Sussex County, Delaware. I'm like you, I like to visit cities rather than secluded resorts. So I guess "Sandals" is out.