Sunday, December 09, 2012

Musings on a Dreary Sunday

I usually put a "Weekly Roundup" posting here but this time I'm just going to let the brain waves flow and put those thoughts and observations to this post.

First I loved this photo that one of my cousins posted to her Facebook page.  Only those "in the know" will "get" it.  Oh those WERE THE DAYS.

So here's the deal folks, I'm still having the old prostate problems.  Not to gross anyone out with TO MUCH INFORMATION (but I will anyway, you all know me - I say what I think with rare restrictions), every time I pee I feel like I have to pee again.  Yep, there is a constant "I have to pee" feeling in my lower abdomen.  This is going to take some getting used to.  My urologist doesn't want to do anything until he takes a biopsy of my prostate for cancer.  That doesn't happen until the end of January.  Long time away.  In the meantime, I suffer.  At least there is no pain, just the discomfort of always feeling the need to pee.  So there, got the TMI info out right away.

Yesterday Bill and I visited our friends who will move into their assisted living apartment today.  God, I hope that's not the fate that awaits me.  Both of them have lost their driver's license so their wings are severely clipped.  All of their adult lives both of them have practically lived in their cars.  A big change for both of them.  I had breakfast with them.  La La Land.  Today at noon my one friend is having a birthday party for him at their new assisted living home.  More La La Land.  Pictures may or may not be taken.  

Just got a bulletin that one of my co-workers gave his three week notice at work.  He also works part-time as I do.  Well, that didn't last long.  He hasn't even been on the job six months.  This month I've been filling in for all my three co-workers. Looks like I'm going to be working more hours again.  I can't remember the last time I worked a whole month of my regular shift.  My permanent shift seems to be that of a substitute worker.  I don't mind working, the job isn't that hard and I like meeting people and providing the service that I provide but perhaps the hardest thing about my job is that it disrupts my eating schedule.  You see, when I'm working a the hotel I can't eat.  What I do is slip a packet of Lance cheese wheat crackers in between the phones calls and requests for extra pillows.  An irregular schedule of this "nutrition" severely disrupts Ron's gastrointestinal activity (read between the lines - I've already provided too much information about my bodily functions in this posting).

What I would rather eat for dinner - yum!

I've been reading all the comments on the "Then" and "Now" photo of me and Bill on "Gay Marriage USA."  About 80% of the comments are positive but 20% are negative, some very viciously so.  Of course I read the usual "Gross!" and "You're going to hell!" and (get ready for it) "FAG!" (hardly the first time I've heard that endearment in my lifetime).  No surprise that there is still a solid undercurrent of homophobia in this great land of ours that doesn't hesitate to rear its ugly, hateful head and spew venom.  What I find interesting is the concentration on our sex life and "what do they do?" and the lack of interest in why Bill and I have been together for 48 years (we love one another).  I have a simple answer for those who are obsessed with our sex life (which is nobody's business by the way):

"Marriage is not about constant sex but a loving, committed relationship."

And that is what Bill and I have, a loving and committed relationship which will endure despite all the hate that is some continue to send our way.  Why two people who love one another upsets other people is something I will never understand.  

The one constant I have in my life is Bill and no matter whatever difficulties I encounter in life I know I have that one rock which is more than many people have in their life.  And in that respect I am indeed one of the luckiest men on the face of this earth.

Bill at my work place


Anonymous said...

Maybe the reason so many 'straight' marriages fail is that they ARE based on sex and those who post those statements/questions have no other frame of reference. I wonder how they'd react to that little comment.

Ron said...

You may just be right Sean. Our relationship was never based on sex, if it was we probably would never have been together as long as we have been. We just like one another and are very compatible. Do we have differences? Sure, lots of them but we do have respect for one another and we trust each other completely. I can't say that about many people I know. Living your life with someone you know and respect is so much more important than a relationship built on sex.

anne marie in philly said...

to hell with the h8ers!

geez, sorry to hear that your short-duration co-worker already quit.

and that first pix - YEE HAW! fun times there fer sure! (wink wink nudge nudge)

Helen Lashbrook said...

As long as you are happy together that is what counts.

Jon said...

Judging from that sign, I think I should be spending more time in hardware stores....
All of the positive comments that you got on Facebook are inspiring and encouraging. As for the negative ones - - they are bitter, insecure people who are undoubtedy jealous that you and Bill have such a successful relationship.

Ron said...


That's some sign isn't it? Brings back all sorts of "memories" doesn't it? :)


Ron said...

Exactly Helen, I don't get upset over the negative comments. I know what I have and we are very happy together. I've always considered myself one of the luckiest people on this earth.


Ron said...

Anne Marie,

Yes, I am disappointed that my co-worker quit already. That means even more hours for me. I just can't seem to get into the "part-time" routine at work.

The haters don't bother me. I know they will always be there. There will always be ignorance and jealousy.

Like that first picture. Who knew Loew's was that kinky?


Ur-spo said...

When I call you on sundays, I get the weekend windups without having to read them !

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,

I think you now know what you have to do, call me on Sundays. Save me a posting. :)


Jeff said...

The sign made me chuckle but then the hamburger made me hungry. Your sentiments about bill made me cry. This post is so emotional..

Ron said...

Bill is the one constant in my life. Without Bill I have no life. Thank you for your comment Jeff.


Randy in NEB. said...

Hi Ron, Yes your first picture really brighten up my dull Monday, I got quite a snort,snort at it. It reminded me of a joke I heard on the radio many years ago. About K mart " I like to go there when you're late for that important date and you quickly need 50 feet of garden hose, black underwear and mayonnaise", must be some date. As far as the homophobes go, They must be very simple people who can't stand to see two people enjoying their lifes, you know, morons. You two guys are very lucky! I'm still looking. Randy in NEB.

Ron said...


I do believe jealousy is st the base of a lot of the homophobes' hate of gay people. It drives them crazy to see gays living a happy life. I hope you find your mate soon.