Saturday, December 01, 2012

Saturday at the Cemetery

Rehoboth Presbyterian Cemetery

Nothing spectacular to write about today.  Just a daily update.  I didn't do my "Weekly Update" last week so this will have to do.

The weather was very mild today.  We'll take it!  

Bill worked out in the backyard cutting down the last rose bush practically to the ground.  I keep telling him that he prunes them too much.  Our backyard is outlined with knockout rose bushes.  This year they were over eight feet high.  Some trimming was in order.

This morning I full filled two Find a Grave photo requests. One was at the Rehoboth Presbyterian Cemetery at Midway by the busy Route 1 in Rehoboth Beach.  Man, you're taking your life into your own hands going into that cemetery with the traffic whizzing by.

Rehoboth Presbyterian Cemetery - Rehoboth Beach, DE

The other photo request was at the Bethel Methodist Cemetery in Lewes, right next to the Beebe Hospital.  I still can't get over that a HUGE cemetery is right next to the hospital.

Bethel Methodist Cemetery - Lewes, DE

As if often the case when I visit cemeteries I come across "stories."  This is one such story.  His name is Scott M. Emory.  He was only 34 years old when he died.  I did not know anything about him when I saw his marker.  I'll search the Internet now and see if I can find his obituary.  What stuck me is how young he was when he died.  

It is at a time like this, when I am feeling a bit melancholy because I know my time is running out that I get one of these wake up calls and realize how lucky I am to still be here, alive and well.

The old hour glass may be running out on Ron but I do know that I am one of the lucky ones who are still here.

I just did a search for Scott M. Emory at the funeral home.  I could find nothing.  I also searched the Internet, nothing.  Well, at least he will be remembered here.  He was here once, he mattered. He will not be forgotten.

Update:  I just found out who Scott M. Emory was.  He was killed while walking across Route 1, the same Route 1 I mentioned earlier in this blog that you take your life into your hands.  As a matter of fact, where he was killed with his girlfriend was right near the Rehoboth Presbyterian Cemetery on Route 1.  He and his girlfriend were finishing working their shift at a local restaurant on the strip of stores and restaurants that lead into Rehoboth Beach. This is really strange isn't it?  I just left that cemetery next to the road where he died and then I see his grave.  


  1. It is touching and sad to hear about someone through a memorial like this one. You made a lovely memorial which expands into the need to remember the dead; they won't be forgotten and the living will go on in their name and honor.

  2. Too young to die! (I love your Christmas lights)

    1. That was the first though that came to my mind Nadege when I saw his marker "Too young to die!"

  3. Great post. Interesting coincidence about Scott eh? May he rest in peace.

    1. Optimistic Existentialist,

      How about that for a coincidence? I was at almost the exact place earlier in the morning when I was at that cemetery then I go to another cemetery where he is buried. It was like a hand was guiding me. Spooky.


  4. That is so strange. And sad.

  5. It's nice you took the time to look into Scott Emory's death.

    On a tangential note, if I were in that hospital I would really not want a room that overlooked a really large cemetery.

    1. The view from the hospital rooms are of this huge cemetery. Doesn't send a positive message. :)


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