Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas 1967

Me - Christmas - 1967

Christmas 1967, was it really that long ago?  Hey, it was only forty-five years ago.

This is a picture of (who else?) yours truly taken December 26, 1967 at our apartment at 7901 Cheswick Square in Roxborough (Philadelphia) PA.  Oh my goodness I do look young and innocent don't I?  So much water was run under the bridge since this Christmas picture was taken.  This was even in my "pre-beard" days. 

These days I'm waning nostalgic  I recently discovered the website of the Downingtown Historical Society.  Downingtown, Pennsylvania is the small town where I grew up and formed my values (or lack thereof).  

As I have mentioned ad infinitum before, I often worry about what will happen with all my old photos and memories once I check out of this planet earth (which isn't all that far away now folks, let's face it).  

Now I don't worry as much that all my historical photos and stories will disappear once I am gone.  I'm going to bombard that guy who runs that website.  Just another person who is going to ask "How many photos does Ron have anyway?"

Tipton Brothers - Christmas - 1967


  1. so innocent; and REAL tinsel on the tree!

  2. Yes Anne Marie, real tinsel, you noticed!

  3. Even as a clean-shaven, young(ish) kid I bet you turned more than a few heads - and I bet you didn't have to be told twice to "wash behind your ears!" ;-)


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