Friday, December 21, 2012

Wait.......wer're still here?

Dodged another bullet again, we're still here even after the Mayans predicted that the world would end about 7 am this morning.  

Gee, who would've thunk that yet another prediction of the END OF THE WORLD would be WRONG!!!!!!


Who are these ass-wipes who keep predicting the end of the world?  Maybe it was the end of the world last night for House Speaker John Boehner when his stupid ass bill protect millionaire's from paying taxes went down to DEFEAT.  Hey folks, I'm enjoying watching these Republicans self immolate but I'm glad we're all still here.

Rainbow from our backyard this morning
Now here is something interesting.  Right at about 7:30 this morning while I was talking to Bill in our sunroom he spotted a rainbow off in the horizon from our backyard.  What was this?  A sign from the Mayans they were wrong.  A sign from God that we have been blessed by the gay fairy godmother?  

What?  Bill said this was the most unusual rainbow he's ever seen.  I quickly grabbed my iPhone and took this picture.  Two minutes later the rainbow was gone.  Surely a sign.....but of what?

Close-up of rainbow that appeared on the horizon from our backyard this morning.  Not a Photoshop picture


Bob said...

here's how I looked at it: I have a calender in my office that runs from January to December. Does that mean the world ends in December or does it mean i need to get a new calender.
The Mayans plotted out a 5,000 year calender, and when the last day came, it was time to start over.
Oy. People.

Amanda said...

I don't really have a comment because I don't believe in those "end of the world" predictions. People believe in whatever they want to believe if that entertain them.
The rainbow is beautiful. You can see the purple next to the turquoise. Really amazing!

Ron said...


That rainbow only lasted for about two minutes. No wonder the ancient people took natural occurrences like this as a "sign from heaven". I had to run and get my camera to take the picture.


Ron said...


Good point! :)


anne marie in philly said...

the rainbow is a sign that equality will dominate 2013! yay for the gay! :)

Sean said...

Ron: I've stumbled on your blog recently. I just wanted to tell you how interesting it is reading your life story as you've presented it here.

Merry Christmas!

Ron said...

Thank you Sean. All compliments are welcome in this quarter!


Ron said...

Yes Anne Marie!!

Sean said...

I'm happy to give 'em!

Ron said...



Anonymous said...

Hi Ron. Merry Christmas and all that. Just to throw a spanner in the works but the idea of the Mayans saying the world would end was simply spun by the ignorant media (as usual). What the Mayans were actually telling us was that it was a date for the end of that period of time and that a new time was coming, a different change that would see the world in slightly different way (from their provincial point-of-view). Hugs and a big Christmas kiss to you and Ron, LOL:)
Brian (Ireland).

Ron said...


So nice to receive a comment from Ireland! Bill is of Irish ancestry (Kelly) and I often tease him about how we should be incompatible (I am of English ancestry Tipton and Hadfield).
Thanks for clearing the end of the world Mayan question up.
Have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New year and stay in touch.