Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Fifties Memories

Me (center, white sleeved shirt) with my friends (from left to right) Billy Smith (baseball cap), PeeWee Smith, me, Dayton "Chubby" Shores, and my brother Ike Tipton, Jr. (with baseball glove)

Growing up in a small Pennsylvania town in the Fifties was wonderful!

Our family moved to Downingtown, Pennsylvania when I was five years old (1947).  Prior to that time we lived in the country.  

I found out only a few years ago why our family moved to "town" as living in Downingtown was called.  My Mother told me my father had lost his driver's license.  He didn't have a car and had to walk to work so he needed a place close to where he worked.

He found it at a three story apartment building at 120 Washington Avenue in Downingtown, Pennsylvania.  The apartment building was owned by the man, David Ginsburg, who employed my father at Waste Motor Haulage Trucking Company in Downingtown, where my father worked as a truck driver then as a welder.  The rent was $22.00 a month.  

Living in town as a "townie" was perhaps the best experience that I could have had as a kid growing up.  It is interesting how a random event like my father temporarily losing his driver's license changed the whole course of my life.  

Living on Washington Avenue I was able to walk to school.  I was also able to make many neighborhood friends which changed my whole development as a young man growing up.  If I had my life to do over again I would not change a thing.  

Sure, we were poor.  In fact we were REALLY poor, but it didn't matter. At the first rays of daylight (in the summertime) we were out of the apartment building meeting up with our friends.  We were out all day until dark, and then sometimes we were even out then playing Hide 'n Seek.  I can still hear my Mom calling "You boys better get in here or I'm telling your father!" Translated, "Telling your father!" meant an encounter with his belt.  

Ah yes, fond memories of a wonderful, innocent time.  At least we didn't have to fear a nut case mowing us down with an assault rifle.  

Me (the tall on in the middle of course) with my two brothers (Isaac on the left and John on the right) - 1951
We were treated to Dixie Cups after we weeded our assigned rows of corn

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