Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Mom's Teddies

Yep, I had a teddy bear when I was growing up.  I always wanted a teddy bear.  Didn't get one until I was about nine years old which was pretty old for a kid to get a teddy bear.  But oh how I loved that teddy bear.  

It wasn't a fancy teddy, just some cheap, ratty teddy but he was MY teddy.  I don't know what happened to it.  I think my Mom threw him out after I left home to join the Army when I was 18 years old.  

Oh no, I wasn't still attached to my teddy at when I was 18 years old, my "relationship" with my teddy ended when I was about 10 years old but I still kept him around.

Much like today.  I have a whole passel of teddies.  Where are they?  Pack up in boxes in my storage room in the basement.  I never took them out of the moving boxes when we moved from our former home in Pennsylvania in November of 2006.  When we lived at our Pennsylvania home my teddies resided in my cedar lined bedroom walk-in closet.  Quite comfortably I might add.  In fact, Bill would often taken guests into my bedroom (when I wasn't around of course) to show them my teddy bear friends.  

Over the years I had collected about twenty five teddies of all sizes and shapes at after Christmas sales at the John Wanamaker Department store in Philadelphia.  Each one was/is special.  Each year for about six years I would add a new teddy bear to my growing collection in my closet.  How appropriate that they were in my closet.  

This morning I read a post from a favorite fellow blogger about his teddy bear obsession.  Hey, I'm not alone!  

Pictured at the top are some of my Mom's teddy bears.  They reside in a basket in her room.  My Mom died in September 2010.  Even though she is gone, having her teddies in her room on her bed reminds me of her.  I always feel good when I open the door to her room and I see their friendly, dusty faces.  

Even though my teddies are quite comfortably packed away in boxes (I just don't toss them in the boxes of course), I really should get them out and enjoy them.  I was waiting until I cedar lined my closets.  Maybe now is the time.

I know once I'm gone, my teddies will be the first to go.  Although my teddies are immaculately clean, whoever cleans out my "stuff" no doubt will toss them in the trash.  And that my friends would be a sad day that I prefer not to think about today.  


Jon said...

This is a great time of the year for cuddling old teddy bears and retrieving dusty memories. Unfortunately, my father threw out almost everything I ever owned - but I still have a few treasured stuffed animals packed away somewhere.

(P.S. I'm reading the book)

Larry Eugene Meredith said...


My mom collected Teddy Bears, too. I think she sold a number in her later years and the rest just went with all the other stuff just before her death.

I don't have much of the stuffed animals gathered over the years anymore. Most were the kids anyway. I've been gradually getting rid of possessions.


Raybeard said...

Sweet! I see a whole legion of us 'arctophiles' are suddenly coming out of the closet (thanks to one Dr Spo) - for those of us who were in there to begin with.

I've got four teddy bears (+ 2 doggies) sitting in a row across my (recently broken-down) TV set. One may well have to go as I'm going to try for a smaller screen replacement. So squeeze up!

Ron said...


"Arctophiles"....hmmmm, I'll have to look that word up. Yes, thanks to Dr. Spo we're coming out of the closet. I do have some fabulous bears that have been in the closet far too long. They need to see the light of day and radiate in my love.


Ron said...


I usually gave my Mom a teddy bear every Christmas. John and Isaac got rid of most of them (sad) after she died but I kept this "basket full of bears" (like "binders of women"). They will always remind me of her.


Ron said...


Yes, this is a good time of year for teddy bears. Have you gotten whiplash from reading that book yet? Jokingly I mentioned to the author that I got "whiplash" from reading his book. I made my comment on his FB account. His friends read it and slammed me for making that comment. I had to unfriend him because he tried to censor me and I refused to be censored. Feel free to make any comments you want to to me, I don't censor.


Buddy Bear said...

The last pic of you and Santa teddy is sweet!

anne marie in philly said...

teddies need to come outta da closet! and let's see them in a future blog post please!

Ron said...

Teddies out of the closet! Long overdue Anne Marie, I'll get them out of their boxes and put them on display, in my Mom's bedroom. 'Bout time.

Ron said...

I'm a sweet Buddy Bear, not many people know that. :)

Randy in NEB. said...

Oh Ron, You're just a big ol' cuddly teddy bear yourself! I had a big 2 foot panda bear as a kid, don't know where it is now. I haven't seen it since 1967. You should take all your teddy bears out to the woods for a picnic.

Ron said...

Time for my teddy bears to come out of their boxes! Thanks Randy!


Jeff said...

I had a bear like the one in the last picture. When you squeeze it's paw does it sign "Donde esta Stantie Claws"? The one I had finally stopped working so I gave it away (for same I know!).

Ron said...

"Gave it away?" OMG Jeff. You can never GIVE A TEDDY AWAY. :)

Ur-spo said...

OMG !!
Don't you dare let anyone toss out the teddies ! Will them to me and I'll find them good homes!!!

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,

All my teddies are in mint condition. Dust free. The ones I gave to my Mom are dusty because she always had them out on display. I kept mine in my cedar lined closet where there was no dust. They're individually wrapped now in boxes in my basement storage room which is very dry. However, I know once I am gone they will be tossed or, at best, end up in a bin at a local thrift shop with teddies what are dirty, abused and worn. I've seen them and it always depresses me.