Thursday, August 19, 2010

Me and Mom

Me and my Mom, Betty Hadfield Tipton - Christmas 1979 - Philadelphia, PA

Perhaps my shortest blog posting ever.  No words are necessary.  Me and Mom, 1979.

I miss you Mom.


  1. Anonymous9:10 AM


    I'm so sorry about the decline in your Mother's health. Nothing is sadder than watching this & not being able to do anything about it.
    As you know my Mom died 3 years ago. The hole in my heart will never be filled again. I do hold on to my memories as they are all good. I was the closest to her of my 2 sisters and I'm the middle child. Cherish the good times & all the wonderful pictures you have.

    I just love her smile!!!!


  2. Ron, I had that same shirt. I bought it in San Francisco in the summer of 1975. I emailed you a photo of me wearing it.

  3. Thank you Fran. I will cherish all the memories I have of Mom. I just got off the phone with my brother John is caring for her. I thank him for all he is doing for her. He said he feels guilty because he is the only one (of us three brothers) who is getting to spend this final time with her. She is dying. We're making the arrangements for hospice care now. Very sad.

    Thank you for noticing her smile. She was always known for her smile. Very genuine. We haven't seen much of it lately. We would love to see it one more time. Maybe in our memories.

  4. Hey Mike. Small world. Remember when plaid was in? I think I got rid of all of my plaid shirts....finally. I had tons of them. I still have the jeans though.


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