Tuesday, August 10, 2010


My new Pulsar watch......nice

What a summer.  As I sit at my computer and type this blog, I'm debating whether or not to go out for my nightly walk in the development behind me.  The temperature outside is a very warm and muggy 89 degrees.  I know when I've ended my walk my T-shirt will be clinging to my torso with sweat.

A sign in the window of a kite store on the boardwalk at the beginning of my walk - very appropriate

This morning I took my daily walk on the Rehoboth Beach boardwalk.  Even though I arrived there early (6:30 am), the air was already uncomfortably warm and humid.  My fellow walkers who had arrived earlier already had sweat darkened T-shirts.  Quite a few of the men were shirtless, their chests glistening with sweat.

Sunrise over Rehoboth Beach this morning

I start my brisk walk (I don't run, too much of the banging of the joints) the one mile length of the boardwalk.  I walk the full mile and at the southern end I take a short rest by walking down to the beach and watch and listen to the waves roll in from the Atlantic ocean.  Then I walk back to the northern end of the boardwalk.  That's two miles.

I then take a half hour rest by sitting at my favorite bench and watch the early beach goers prepare for their day worshiping the sun and ocean on the beach.  One would think that is boring but it never is.  There is always some kind of drama.  Fascinating.

Early beach goers this morning at Rehoboth Beach, DE

Then I take one more walk to the southern end of the boardwalk and back again to the northern end where my car is parked.  I now have walked my four miles.  I am invigorated and ready for my day.  I'm soaked with my own sweat but I am pumped.

I am so glad I discovered this new daily activity.  It is good for my health plus that roll around my middle is disappearing.  When I put on weight it is all around my middle.  Somewhere in there is my six-pack.  It's starting to show again.  When I started my morning walks I weighed 164 pounds.  160 is my ideal weight where I feel most comfortable.  When I graduated from high school I weighed 160.  Since that time my weight has fluctuated from a high of 202 to 145 pounds.  This is over a period of fifty years.  Right now my goal is 155.  I want to get rid of that excess around my middle.  With age I have discovered my weight has shifted.  Also, perhaps it has something to do with my height.  When I graduated from high school I was 6'4".  My height is now 6'3".  I'm shrinking.

Back in my "pre-roll" days (1976) .....I'm going back

After my morning walk I returned home to shower.  I always feel good after a good, long shower.

I had a few chores to do today.  My watch conked out so I had to get a new watch.  Traders in Lewes was my place of destination today to purchase my new watch.  Then I stopped by my friend Judy's place to return her mini-dish that she brought over a couple of weeks ago with her delicious Molten Chocolate Lava dessert (yum.)

My friend Judy at her home on East Cape Shore Drive in Lewes with Cameo, her new six month old lab which she helps to train as a guide dog  

Then on to Cape Henlopen State Park to get a lifetime pass.  I had a yearly pass but it was destroyed when it was taken off of my old car.  The lady at the park office was a retired senior like me and we had a very pleasant exchange.  Oh how I like we retired folks.  We have no need to keep up with the rat race.

The delightful lady at the Cape Henlopen office who issued me my lifetime Delaware State parks pass - being a senior citizen does have benefits

I returned home, had lunch then took a long nap.  A LONG nap.  When I got up it was time for dinner.  More pasta salad, corn on the cob and a plain hamburger broiled in my toaster oven in the garage.  I don't heat up the house in this brutal weather.

Now I'm sitting here, updating my blog and debating whether or not to go out and work up a sweat by taking my nightly walk.  I think I will.  I always enjoy walking in the evening before the sun sets.  This is just one more thing I like about my retirement and living in Delaware.......summertime and the living is easy.

Dogs at play on the beach early in the morning


  1. Glenn just got a new watch. It's a TAG Heuer. I wish we were a little closer to the beach. Fifteen miles in this city is a long way, and summer at the beach here is no picnic, literally. Mid week isn't too bad.

  2. Mike,
    TAG Heuer, isn't that the Tiger Woods watch? How does Glenn like it?

    Rehoboth Beach is six miles straight down Rt. 1 from where I live. Early in the morning isn't bad. Later on in the day, it's jammed. I try and stay away from going into Rehoboth after 8 in the morning during the summer. Most of us locals stay away from Rehoboth during the season which last until a week or two after Labor Day. We can't complain about the tourists taking over because that's where all our money comes from. We take over after the season ends. I'm looking forward to that time because there are still many nice days to enjoy Rehoboth.

  3. Oh my, 1976 looked like a very good year for you. From what I can see, it was.
    Your Friend, m.

  4. Mark,
    Yes, the 70's were my "good" years. I was in my late 30's and early 40's during those years. It's funny but I've always been attracted to older men even when I was a teenager. The "older men" I was attracted to were in that same age group (late 30's, early 40's.) Now that I'm older I find myself attracted to even older men as long as they are in good physical condition. I've never been attracted to young guys. Never. I can recognize their beauty like I can recognize a women's beauty but they do nothing for me sexually.
    I'll send you some other pictures from that era.


  5. Ron,

    Nice watch, fairly clean looking, easy to read. I don't wear a watch, haven't worn one for at least a decade.

    Last watch I really wore was one my daughter gave me. I did love that watch. It had Lou Gehrig on it. Gehrig was a left-handed first baseman, same as my son.

    I had a couple watches after that, but not for long, then I stopped wearing one. You see the time everywhere anymore anyway.



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