Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Getting Through Another Day

The view from where I work in Lewes of the Rehoboth-Lewes Canal - I love it!

The dog days of summer continue on this last day of August.

I would love to go out in the Back Forty (my backyard) and putz around but I don't feel like getting drenched in sweat again.  So here I sit updating my blog twice in one day.  Hey, I would rather do this than drain myself fighting the heat and humidity that has been unrelenting this whole summer.

I think we had two, maybe three normal days of summer.  Most of the rest of this summer we have been beaten down to a weak pulp with the heat and humidity.  Come on the cool winds of fall.

This morning I took my usual walk on the boardwalk in Rehoboth.  Someone planted themselves in my usual seat on the boardwalk so I didn't take my half hour break between my up and down the boardwalk. Since I got there early this morning I was able to cover the boardwalk a total of four times (for a total of over four miles) in one brisk walk.

I was just starting to sweat when I got to the north end of the boardwalk near the Henlopen Hotel where I park my buggy.  I left before 8 am.  I think I accidentally discovered the secret to getting out of Rehoboth and avoiding the traffic.

I usually make my run in the morning sometime between 6:30 am and 7 am.  This morning I was out the door at 6:15 am.  I didn't sleep too well last night thinking about Mom and her difficult nights.

It was a straight shot down Rt. 1 as it usually is this early in the morning.  My only competition are the Sysco food trucks delivering their precooked food to the tourist trap restaurants in Rehoboth.

Coming back is another story.  I have been coming back home around 9 o'clock.  I'm hitting the heavy traffic going north on Rt. 1 at that time.  I can't figure out where all that traffic is going.  Milford?  Milton?  Touristas leaving Rehoboth for their hobbits up North?  What's with that?  Just another mystery that I have to solve.

Well, this morning I hit Rt. 1 at a little after 8 am.  It was almost clear sailing.  Oh sure, I hit the occasional doofus on a cell phone clogging up the passing lane.  The occasional Old Guy or Old Gal gripping the top of the steering wheel. "You'll never pry my cold, dead hands from this steering wheel".

I still had to dodge the ladder topped service trucks that weave in and out of the traffic, speeding toward their destination of the day to to overcharge some defenseless customer de jour.  Oh yes, we are sitting ducks down here in Lower Slower for the Service People.  Hey, at least they're showing up somewhere.  You're lucky if you can even get one of these slickters to show up.

Well, anyway, I made it home in no time at all and I've been here ever since.  Holed up in my air conditioned, fabulous, four year old, Ryan ranch home. One floor living baby....I love it!

Below are some of yesterday's photo journal that I take from that camera that is always hanging around my neck:

A sign that caught my eye from the fruit and vegetable stand on Rt. 5 outside of Milton.  It reminded me of a bad habit I used to have in my bar hopping days.  

Bill and I went to Big Bob's and Jim's yesterday to see Jim's new car.  They live in the woods outside of Georgetown. They weren't home.  We still haven't heard from them.

Big Bob and Jim are world class hoarders.  Here is Bill inspecting some of Bob's goodies.  I have my eye on that lawn chair.

"The Ranch"

Big Bob and Jim live in a double wide on 22 wooded acres outside of Georgetown.  Yes, they do live in  Sussex County Redneck County.  They still keep a low profile.  It's still not safe to come out. Big Bob was one of the original gay settlers of Lower Slower.  I've been visiting him at "The Ranch" (our pet name for his place) since the Seventies.  I "discovered" Delaware because of Big Bob.  I have no idea where I would be living if I hadn't.  Probably still in Pennsylvania, working full-time to try and keep up with the always increasing taxes. 

I owe Big Bob a world of thanks for providing this turning point in my life.  Now they're just two old men living in the woods.  Just like me and Bill, two old men living in a development off of Rt. 1. 

Just getting through another day.

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