Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fuck Ken Mehlman

Ken Mehlman - Coward

Yeah, I said it.  My apologies to the regular readers of this blog who are offended by my gutter language but there is no other way to express my contempt for former Republican National Committee chairman and Bush/Rove flunky Ken Mehlman for coming out of his gay closet.

Today on the news I listened and watch Christopher Barron of GOP Proud say "Ken Mehlman showed great courage by coming out."  Excuse me?  Great courage?  Great courage is coming out when it makes a difference.  Great courage is not coming out when the coast is clear.

David Roberts, who is gay himself, was anchoring the MSNBC show that I was watching today.  He was interviewing the same Christopher Barron that I mentioned before.  He asked Mr. Barron why Ken Mehlman did not respond to his request for an interview.  I know that answer to that question.  Ken Mehlman did not respond to his request for an interview because he is still a coward.  Mehlman thinks he can do one fund raiser and his conscience is clear.

The damage the Ken Mehlmans of this world do is vast and unrecoverable.  How many gays and lesbians have been beaten and killed because they chose not to live in a closet?  They are the courageous ones.  Not a mealy mouthed apologist for the hate driven Republican campaigns that brought the Bush/Rove disaster to the White House.  How many gays have lost their livelihood because they were truthful about who they were instead of selling their soul for the almighty dollar?  How many have been kicked out of the military by the absurd Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy that is still in effect today?

When you think courage think Matthew Shepard.  Ken Mehlman is human flotsam.

Ken Mehlman give prostitution a bad name.

Am I mad?  You're damn right I'm mad.


  1. I am totally with you. I have been following one of your blogs and truly enjoy it. I appreciate the comment you left on my blog earlier, I hope you will follow it. Hope to see you sometime at a lecture or book signing; my book was just published and book signings are in the works.

  2. J.C.
    Again, I apologize for the bad language. That's the first time in five years that I've used that term in any of my blog postings.

    I will follow your blog. I don't travel too much but if you have a book signing in Rehoboth, I'll be there unless I'm scheduled to work that day.

    Take care.

    Ron Tipton

  3. Ron-
    Don't sugar coat it. Your amongst friends. Let us know how you really feel.

  4. Ron-
    Don't sugar coat it. Let us know how you truly feel.

  5. Liberty,
    Believe me, I gave it a LOT of thought as how I could word my reaction to Mehlman coming out. Nothing seemed to express my feeling better than that old tried and true Anglo Saxon all purpose word of derision. I feel better now.

  6. Maybe he was afraid to come out of the closet because he's not cute? I'd still be in there if I was him.
    Your Friend, m.

  7. Good point Mark. ) He has an interesting mouth. It's not my style but some may find it enticing. Just saying.

  8. Don't even get me started. Sick sad freak.

  9. Mike,
    What really set me off about this asshole was when Christopher Barron of GOP Proud said yesterday while being interviewed by David Roberts on MSNBC was that Melhman was being "very courageous" by coming out. Give me a fucking break.

  10. Mike,

    I apologize for the bad language. This whole deal with Mehlman makes me so mad. All the same old BS. So he's a hero now? He'll be a hero when he gives up with recently purchased $3 mil Manhattan condo that he purchased for him and his boyfriend and donate the proceeds to repealing the DOMA law. That's just for starters. Then he can write a op ed piece for the New York Times apologizing for all the damage he did to the GLBT cause during his "I sold my should to the devil" tenure with Bush.


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