Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Boardwalk Adventures

What's a "Dougnut?" I think I'll take the water, thank you.

Again, this morning, as has become my habit of the past few weeks I left for the boardwalk in Rehoboth immediately after breakfast.

The weather this morning was again cool and overcast, almost perfect conditions for a brisk walk on the boardwalk.

I arrived at my usual parking spot beside the Cape Henlopen Hotel at the north end of the boardwalk.

I park my car, get my fleece sweat jacket and put it on, loop my camera over my shoulders and I'm on my way.

The boardwalk this morning is again sparsely populated.  Only the hardcore exercisers like me.  The lack of sunshine does not deter us from our morning walk.

There was one tourista family on the beach, tippy toeing into the waves.  They weren't going to let a few clouds spoil their day.

A family braves the waves

The waves were crashing to the shore again today, like yesterday.  A father and son tried their luck at fishing on the beach.

Early morning fishing on the beach

Even on cloudy days like today, the colors of the landscape are stunning.  I tried to capture the peacefulness of the muted colors of the far horizon with my camera.

All I needed was a seagull or two in this picture but they didn't cooperate this morning

I began my brisk walk to the other end of the boardwalk, 1 1/4 miles away.  About 2/3rd's there I felt something "give" in my right hip.  Uh oh.  I either sprained or pulled a muscle.  Or else my 68 year old hip is rebelling against all this daily exercise I've been subjecting it too.  Whatever, I was now limping.

Oh joy, no longer was I the Cool Guy passing all the other walkers on the boardwalk.  I was just another Old Guy limping along the boardwalk.  My age has caught up with me.

I gamely finished my walk to the end of the boardwalk then took a break and went down to the beach to watch the waves roll in.  As I was watching the waves roll in, the pain from my hip was rolling in and out making me woozy.  

Oh this was going to be fun.  Now I had to walk all the way to the other end of the boardwalk (1 1/4 miles away - just a reminder) and try not to look to OLD.  

I began my walk.  It got worse.  Now my hip was really hurting.  I looked for a bench with a view of the ocean.  Most of the benches have a view of the grass on the dunes that separate the boardwalk from the beach.  I don't care for that view.  

I found a spot.  I wiped the bench dry from the overnight accumulation of dew and whatever sand was there from short guys standing on the bench as they often do on the boardwalk.    

I seated myself and listened to the waves roll in and the sea gulls get things sorted out above me.  Just then I heard the screams and squeals of little kids.  Oh where was THÅT coming from?  I turned around and looked above.  I was sitting on a bench in front of a hotel or condo with balconies.  My eyesight followed the screams and squeals and sure enough, there was three little kids, all under the age of five, vying for the attention of the adults on the balcony with them.  Now I know why kids scream.....they want attention.  I don't blame the kids, they're just being kids.  But this isn't something I needed this morning with waves of pain from my sore hip wafting over me.

Time to go home.  

I left.  Traffic wasn't too bad (for a change) on Route 1.  When I got home Bill asked me why I got home so early.  I told him I sprained something in my hip.

As I sit here now typing this blog entry, the pain isn't too bad.  I have a terrific headache though.  I'm a little nauseous.  I don't know what that's from.  But at least their aren't any screaming kids around here.

I'll need to get some rest.  I'm working at the hotel tonight.  I hope the pain is gone by then.  Or else it's going to be a long night.


  1. Was there a guy named Doug working there? Know what I mean?

  2. BTW, a slice of pizza at Universal City Walk, a tourist trap, is 3.75 per slice. A hot pretzel is 3.50.

  3. Can't you take the day off? Seriously, you're in pain.
    By the way, three of my kids are at the beach with my Parents but they are not in that Condo. So for once, it's not them screaming.
    Take care and get some rest.
    Your Friend, m.

  4. Mike,

    Could be. I'll ask the next time I'm down there.


  5. Mike,

    You gotta love the tourist traps! We got them here too.


  6. Mark,
    Hey, thanks for your concern. No, I can't take off work. In fact, I'm the one who fills in when my co-workers can't make it in. That's why I'm working this Saturday and next Friday in addition to my regular days.

    I'm surprised at how great this pain is. It's making me light headed. I think I pulled a hamstring. Something is real sore in there. I'll have to take a break from the Morning Walk.

    Oh, we had some kiddies in the hotel tonight. All that energy. Did I ever have that when I was a kid?



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