Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Paths We Chose In Life

Young man watering plants next to the Henlopen Hotel this morning in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

This morning during my daily walk on the boardwalk in Rehoboth I passed again this young man watering the plants next to the Henlopen Hotel at the end of the boardwalk.

I think I mentioned him in a previous blog.  Many years ago when I used to vacation in Provincetown, Massachusetts I saw a similar young man watering the flowers around the bed and breakfast hotel where he worked.  The first time I saw that young man I thought that could of been me if I had chosen a different path in life.

Provincetown, Cape Cod, Massachusetts - 1980

I could have chosen the "gay lifestyle" path of a party-all-the-time, carefree life.  In fact I had the opportunity to chose that lifestyle when on one occasion when the owner of the bed and breakfast where I usually stayed offered me a job managing her crew of six young men who cleaned her apartments.  At that time I had a prestigious, secure and well paying job at Girard Bank in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Me in Provincetown, Massachusetts when I was offered the job - 1980

I was flattered by her offer and briefly considered it even to the point of asking "What would I do during the off season?"  She told me that I would make enough money in season to take the winter months off and spend it in Key West, Florida or, like her, Mexico.  This offer of a chance to change my path in life sounded exciting, exotic and adventurism.  I told her I would think about it and when I got home I told my partner Bill about the offer.  His response was "Are you crazy?"  

"Angels' Landing" - a rental complex in the center of Provincetown where I was offered the head housekeeper job- which was managing a group of young guys who cleaned the aparttments

Well, I always have been impetuous but my common sense usually takes over.  In this case my common sense won out.  I called Angela Calamoris (the women who offered me the job) and told her "Thanks but no thanks."  She said if I ever changed my mind to let her know.

Oh it was tantalizing, believe me.  Over the years since I've often thought how my life would have changed had I taken her up on her generous job offer.  But I went for the sure thing and kept my "secure" job at the bank.

A few years later, after I returned from a three week vacation in Provincetown, my boss at the bank called me into his office.  He told me my job was being eliminated.

I called Angela back and told her I could take her job now.  She was gone.  I was told Angela had sold her large complex called "Angels' Landing" for a million dollars.  She always told me she was going to sell it for that amount of money.  Much to my surprise, she did.  Angela was now living The Life in Mexico.

Who knows?  If I had taken her up on her offer I could now probably be the proud owner of a premier summertime resort rental complex located in the heart of a popular East Coast gay resort.

Today I live in another popular East Coast gay resort.  I work part-time at a gay owned bed and breakfast. I love my job.  I don't water the plants (a woman named Kerri does that.)  I work the front desk.  I love my job.

With some of my co-workers at out Christmas Party last year - I work with the ladies now

Karma.  It's wonderful isn't it?

Now if you will excuse me, I have to get ready for work.  Someone has to do it.


  1. Ron,

    "Who knows? If I had taken her up on her offer I could now probably be the proud owner of a premier summertime resort rental complex located in the heart of a popular East Coast gay resort."

    More likely if you had taken the job you would have had it sold out from under you. She'd be spending her million dollars in mexico and you'd be drifting the streets of Provincetown looking for a job watering flowers.


  2. Lar, why so cynical? Have you been burned by the new corporate paragram that drops you when they have squeezed you dry? Actually, you make a very valid point. I would definitely have sawed the tree limb off if I accepted her offer. I would have been up the the old creek without a paddle.


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