Monday, February 02, 2015

Computer Problems

That's right folks, computer problems right here in River City.  I spent all morning watching the Apple rainbow spinning Wheel of Death.  Hey Apple, just because you colored the dreaded hung up symbol with rainbow colors, doesn't lessen the impact of dread when my computer is hung up.

The past several months I've been doing ever increasing disc repairs and yet the Spinning Wheel of Death returns, slowing down my momentum.  I finally put a call into Apple support this morning, which, by the way isn't as responsive as they used to be (I had to wait 16 minutes this morning before anyone even picked up the phone).  But once I had someone ("Dan") on the phone, he was pleasant and helpful.  I explained my problem to him that my Time Capsule backup was stuck all morning.  I also explained that this was happening with increasing frequency.  Of course the first thing he asked me to check is what version operating system I was on.  I am on the latest.  So that's not the problem.

I purchased this iMac computer in January of 2010.  Yep, five big years ago.  And as we all know hard drives only last about three to four years.  Or at least that has been my experience.  

I have a 2 terabyte storage capacity on this iMac.  I'm using up more that 1 1/2 of that storage already and rapidly closing in on using up all that storage.  Yep, my photos and videos and iMovies.  I don't do Garage Band or iTunes, just photos and videos folks and I.AM.RUNNING.OUT.OF.SPACE.

Time to bite the bullet.  After I'm done this blog entry I'm on the phone ordering a new iMac with a 3 gig storage and faster processing speed.  

Wow, that was a fast five years.  Now next year I'm up for my colonoscopy.  My last one was in 2011.  Another fast five years.  


  1. Anonymous2:53 PM

    I don’t know anything about Apple computers but I wonder about your statement that your computer has ‘2 gigabyte storage’. I’m using a Windows laptop I paid $350 for (refurbished) and it has 8Gb of ram memory and a 600Gb hard drive. Surely your expensive iMac has more memory than just 2Gb?

    1. My bad, actually I have 1 terabyte. I just order a new iMac with 3 terabytes.

    2. Correction again . . . my computer has 2 terabytes hard drive storage. I ordered one with 3 terabytes.

  2. Ron,

    So what did Dan say was the problem? Was it just your lack of space? Couldn't you have shutdown and cleared away the pinwheel? We really want to know. After all, mine is 3 years old now. I have 499 GB of storage & am using 320. I have 4 GB memory, currently running with 1.29 GB of free memory. I've have two external storage drives, a 2 TB currently containing 1 TB of data and another 1 TB drive containing 279 GM of data. This stuff sure adds up, doesn't it?


    1. Lar,
      I just ordered a new and bigger computer. I needed more space and speed anyway. I'll still use this one but it was starting to slow me down. Of course I'm sick about what I'm paying for the new computer but this will probably be my last one (assuming it lasts another five years) anyway. If not, then I win both ways and I'll just buy another five years from now. Rationalization, it's great isn't it?

  3. Randy in NEB1:59 AM

    Hi Ron, Sorry to hear about your computer troubles. Also I'm sorry about being more out than in (online that is), January has been one of those months for me. I can relate to your computer whoas, mine took a dump about the time of Bloggerpalooza last March. I got a refurb. with Windows 7 I guess I'm not ready to jump into the Apple iMac pool quite yet. I also have too many irons in the fire. But I do need to blog more than I have! Thank you for your insights my friend. Randy in NEB.


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