Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Me, me, me, me and . . . ME!

Me incognito

Okay folks, I'll keep this going.  I believe the blogger John Gray started this and my new friend David the Penguin continued so here goes (and I'll probably continue to piss off some who think I'm already too self involved but what the hey?  Who cares now, it's always the same people who get pissed off at whatever I do):

  • I am tall (6'3"), always have been and always will be
  • I am thin. Not as thin (150 lbs) as I used to be but still relatively thin (170 lbs, all a spare tire around my waist)
  • I am the oldest of the sons.  I am the only gay son which my brothers have never accepted
  • I am the family genealogist.
  • I love taking pictures (photos). I am NOT a professional photographer, I just love taking picture.  I have over 85,000 on this computer right now and many more to scan from old photographs
  • I have lived with the same man for over fifty years now.  We got married on our 49th anniversary, something few gay couples can say.
  • I have a Canadian boyfriend.  Yes, you read that right.  I have a boyfriend and I am married.  Deal with it.
  • I've never been happier at any time of my life as I am now.  Even though I am old (73), have prostate cancer, trouble breathing, an extra heart beat (probably due to my romantic nature) and am tired most of the time; I've never been happier.
  • I've had many jobs in my lifetime but my all time favorite was as a bank trust operations manager. That was my career.  I always wanted to work in a bank and I found a way.  My banking career lasted 37 years.
  • My second favorite job is as a hotel front desk clerk.  I started out working in a hotel, took a 37 year hiatus to work in a bank, and have worked as a hotel front desk agent for the last 17 years (1998 until now, my how time flies)
  • I live in coastal Delaware in my own house that is completely paid for.  Two things I always wanted in life (well, three actually) was to live in a house that was paid for (I grew up in apartments) and to live "near the water."  I do.
  • The Third Thing I wanted in my life was to meet my soulmate. I have accomplished that goal.
  • I tolerate way too much from some people who I thought were my friends but in actuality did not respect me or care about me.  I'm still working on distancing myself from these faux friends. I am weak this way.
  • I speak my mind often without a social filter thus offending people, some of whom I did not want to offend (others I did, that's why I speak my mind).
  • I take a nap every day and I like it.
  • I have a tendency to accumulate things but I'm working on it.
  • I used to be a shopaholic but am no longer.
  • I am a former smoker.
  • I never did drugs (a few whiffs of weed but didn't like it but I did inhale, at least I think I did)
  • I've only been really drunk (vomiting in the toilet) twice in my life.  
  • I don't drink at home but I do like to get a buzz on if I'm with friends as long as I'm not driving.
  • I've had many pets in my life but my favorites were my Pomeranian dogs and my four Rhode Island red chickens.  Yes, chickens.  They loved me and I loved them.
  • I love cats but my spouse doesn't so I've never had a cat as a pet in my adult life.
  • I am a Find a Grave volunteer
  • I had 67 pen pals when I was going to school.
  • I am a college graduate, Peirce Business School 1968, Associate Degree, which did zero for my career but gave me a degree of self-confidence
  • I am an Army veteran
  • I used to work for the National Security Agency (communications intercept)
  • At the end of my tour of duty with the Army in 1963 I was given the "opportunity" to extend and go to an "exotic country". The "exotic country" was Viet Nam.  I turned it down on the advice of friends who came back from 'Nam.
  • I am one lucky son-of-a-bitch.
  • I have had and continue to have a wonderful life.  
  • I look forward to every day, even though more doctors' appointments are creeping in.
  • Right now I have indigestion so I'm going to end this little self-absorbed tirade I'm on now.


  1. Kind of fun, the more we know.

    1. David,
      We all have so much information about ourselves and you know when we do something like this we really only reveal very little. Still, it was fun just going off the top of my head like this.

  2. You've given us another very enjoyable post, Ron. I knew most of these things but had forgotten some, and it was fun to hear them again. I never knew you were a smoker. I used to smoke when I was in my 20's but I seldom inhaled (I swear that's true).

    I wish more bloggers would do this. I've been reading some blogs for ten years and still don't know a damn thing about the people who write them. I revealed a lot about myself in those infamous interviews (I still have links to them on my blog sidebar). I think that's when my readership dropped........

    This is indeed the best time of your life, Ron, and I'm glad that you're enjoying it to the fullest.

    1. Jon,
      If I was asked in my twenties when did I think would be the best time of my life, I never would have dreamt that it would be at this time of my life. I've had pretty good times but now, that I am retired (working part-time at a job that is easy and bringing in extra cash), I have freedom. I also have the wisdom of all my years experience that I now know what to appreciate and value and what not to. Of course this comes with a price because my body is failing me now but I can manage that. Every day is a precious gift now. I feel the clock ticking. But I am enjoying every day to the fullest.

  3. Always been 6'3"? You must have been taunted mercilessly as a kid. (Yeah, okay, okay. we know what you mean.)
    I'll return to your other comments later.

    1. Ray,
      Actually, when I was in third grade I was almost six feet tall, thus triggering questions that I was too old for my class when in reality I was one of the younger members of the class because my Mother didn't know to send me to kindergarten class for my first year of school. My tallest was 6'4" but I'm shrinking now.

  4. I believe with Bill and Pat perhaps you have TWO soul mates.

    1. Karen,
      You are absolutely right, TWO soul mates. I am blessed.

  5. I am glad to know you are well over four feet.

    1. Dr. Spo,
      And I've been well over four feet for most of my life. I sprout up like a beanstalks when I was about 10 years old. I hated it then but now, I'm glad I'm tall. I would hate to go through life looking up at folks.


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