Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow Again!

Dawn this morning - that's bill shoveling our driveway

Yep!  More snow.  What's going on here?  Usually we get one of two snowfalls here in Lower Slower Delaware.  And that snow doesn't stay on the ground long, it's usually gone the next day.  Not this year.  We're having a regular winter around here. The last snowfall didn't even have a chance to melt away and here we go again, more snow last night.  Ah well, did you here what happened in Atlanta?  They had an inch or two of snow last night, completely shut them down.  People sleeping in their cars on the highway.  As I often say, "It could be worse."

Bill was out early this morning shoveling out our driveway.  He's getting on my case because we got rid of our snowblower when we moved down here to Delaware, where there is NO SNOW.

Nanook of the North (aka Bill) finished shoveling our driveway - I'm ready to go to work!


anne marie in philly said...

holy crap! you got hit with a blizzard! bless bill for going out to shovel; hopefully it was easy for him to push and not lift.

we had a dusting overnight up here. we still have not gotten rid of the 14 inches (of snow) we had last Tuesday.

and yeah, atlanta is crazy!

FOGGY said...

Thank God I live in the Pacific Northwest. Today, it was 50 degrees with rain showers. Tonight, the "low" will be around 35.

What's wrong with this picture??

Ron said...

Anne Marie,
More snow than we're used to getting this year.

Ron said...

I'm not one of those snow living people. I'll take your weather any day over this Winter Wonderland.

pat888 said...


I know it's all relative. But winter this year has been relentless. It snowed in Nov. It probably went away but I know we had a white Christmas and the stuff has been coming ever since - and not going as our temps are waaay below freezing. I'll trade ya.


Ron said...

All this snow is unusual for us here in LSD. We've had enough already. Anymore snow and I'll think Ii'm living in Toronto.