Thursday, January 23, 2014

After the Storm

Pilottown Road outside the Inn

I survived the storm, hallelujah!  

Bill dropped me off at work Tuesday night.  The wind was thrashing, the temperatures dropping to the single digits. Only a few guests at the hotel.  I planned to stay the night because I was working the day shift the following day.

As the night wore on, I noticed that the snow had not arrived but the wind made trolling around downtown Lewes almost impossible.  A few brave hotel guests attempted but quickly retreated to the warm and toasty environs of the hotel.  

Room at the Inn

About an hour before my shift ending, I peeked out side and saw that the snow was finally making its boisterous and insistence entrance.  Oh yes, I was now glad that I told Bill I was staying at the hotel overnight.  I couldn't imagine him driving in that cold swirl of sleet, rain and snow.  

One good thing about working at a hotel, you have a place to stay when you're snowed in.  I remember the one time when I worked at Fidelity Bank in Philadelphia.  All railroad lines were down because of the weather. I had no way out of town.  I was facing going back to the bank and sleeping on the floor.  Fortunately my friend and co-worker Don put me up at his place nearby.  

After a very comfortable night in the plush king sized bed that is in room 403 at the hotel, I put on my face and went downstairs to set out the breakfast bar. Then I shoveled the snow from the front door.  Not too much snow but bitterly cold with the wind gusts up to 30 mph.  With wind gusts like that, the cold just seeps through any layers of clothing one drapes on their body.

My crash pad for the night at the hotel - better than sleeping on the floor of the office

About an hour later Mike the manager shows up and finishes the shoveling outside the doors to the Inn.  I settle in for the day shift at the hotel.  

The hotel manager  shoveling snow at the hotel entrance

I receive a text message from my co-worker asking me if I could work his day shift tomorrow (which would be now).  Unfortunately I have to turn him down.  I've already switched shifts with my other co-worker Don, that's why I was working Tuesday night instead of Wednesday night.  Plus, I had already switched day shifts with my coworker Robert which why I was working yesterday.  Robert was asking me to switch again.  I couldn't, I was all switched out. 

Breakfast is ready!

Bill came by to pick me up after my shift ended yesterday at 3 pm.  Bill prefers me not to drive in the snow because he has the "Alaska experience."  I accede to his suggestion. 

I arrive home, my digestive system totally out of whack.  And I mean TOTALLY.  I would never make a good fireman, on call.  

Last night I was so tired talking to a friend on FaceTime I almost fell off my computer chair.  I was WIPED OUT.

After a good night's sleep, here I am refreshed and ready to go. 

The sun is out, the sky is clear and the air is COLD.  Not much of a wind today but COLD.  I'm going to give my barber a call now and see if she's in so I can get my hair cut.  I'm about two weeks behind on my haircut because she's been out with a bad cold.  

January and February, the Just Get Through It Months for me.  

It's almost over folks.  Next month February then March and the Bloggerpalooza.  I always have something to look forward to in my life.  I plan it that way.  If you don't then  you're in a rut.  When I feel I'm in a rut I do something to get out of it.  And folks, it's been a long time since I've been in a rut.  

Now, to make that phone call to my barber.

Me braving the elements this morning - no wind thank goodness!


  1. Glad you survived, and glad you have a job with a bed when you can't get home!

    1. Tell me about it Bob! I'm glad too.


  2. ah, I remember that room from last year's meetup...

    SO looking forward to this year's extravaganza! :)

    1. Anne Marie,
      The hotel does have NICE rooms. This is the second time I stayed there. I got a discount! (sure)

  3. Ron,

    Only bad thing with this weather is I missed my walk yesterday. Got one in this morning, but the trails are under a foot of snow, so it was much shorter than usual. I followed some deer tracks up one trail a bit, but it is too hard slogging through deep snow. Only the main drives had been plowed.


    1. Lar,
      More power to you, just too cold for me to step outside. I'm hanging out inside today, warm and cozy.

  4. Ron,

    Glad you made it through the storm. I've been hunkered up for the past two days, temperature this morning 9 degrees, the coldest in this area since I moved here in 1991, definitely much too cold for this old body. Fortunately I stocked up before the cold, not with anticipation, just out of food. Everything seems to work out.

    Looking forward to the event in March. Until then stay warm and dry.


    1. Jack,
      Same here. I find the older I am the harder it is for me to deal with the cold. I usually go out at least once a day. I stocked up too before the cold so I was ready. What I wasn't ready for was to go to work in that snowstorm. Hopefully this is the last one for the season.
      Not long now until Bloggerpalooza!

  5. Hey, remember the snow at the very end of 2013 Blogger Palooza? It could happen again this year!

    Today is my regular grocery shopping day at Harris Teeter because us old folks get a 5% discount on Thursdays. So I thought about putting it off today because of the cold, until I found out that today was going to be the warmest day this week! Got up to 44 degrees this afternoon, but the high tomorrow will be only 35 and colder after that. And that is "down south" in NC. My annual termite inspection was today and the poor technician had to crawl into the crawl space under the house. I think he completed his inspection today in record time.


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