Sunday, May 01, 2011

Day One of the Trip South

Here I sit in a hotel room at the Hampton Inn in Mebane. North Carolina. I'm trying to update my blog with my iPad and my teeny, tin keyboard working in HTML code. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise because this posting won't be too long. One thing I noticed right off the bat, no spell check. Watch out.

Sorry about the double pictures of the tulips. I only meant to post one but I had to put the pictures in draft form and I can't remove them from this post because I'm CONTRAINED! Bear with me.

We left early this morning. I did most of the driving (about six hours) until we got to Durham, North Carolina. That's when I started losing it. I just cannot drive long distances anymore. This will probably be my last road trip where I drive unless I can talk someone into driving (I'll rent the van and pay the hotel rooms plus meals! HINT! HINT!)

For those of you who know me and Bill, yes we started to argue only ten minutes into the ride. He wanted to go back. "TURN AROUND!" I worked it through (my life isn't easy believe me) and we managed another forty or fifty miles before we were screaming at each other. I won't bore you with all the gritty details but suffice it to say we're here now. We both agreed this will be our last road trip together. This is actually Bill's Farwell to his hometown of Toccoa Georgia. He wants to see it one more time before he departs this earth. The last time (last June) we made this trip it was to see my Mother for what I was pretty sure was the last time I would see her alive and it turned out to be true because she died three months after wse visited her. That's a sad story so I'll leave it.

By the way, this is tough typing without the use of a mouse. Hmmmm. I'm managing.

We had lunch at Shoney's. So, so. The iced tea was good and the hamburger was real although it wasn't cooked well done the way I prefer it. This evening we had dinner at Ruby Tuesday. Ruby Tuesday may be a chain restaurant but I find its food as good and usually better than the fare offered at pricier restaurants where I'm from, Beach Resort Town of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Bill had Chinese dumplings and I had Chicken Florentine (yes, no SEAFOOD again for moi).

Bill's in his room now and I'm here attempting to update my daily blog despite numerous obstacles which I'm not used to dealing with including this teeney, tiny iPad screed and teeny, tine keyboard (for my big fingers). We decided to get separate rooms this time because we're on different sleeping schedules. Bill goes to bed at 7 or so and I usually go much later. We truly have very little in common. Bill even eats at different times that I do.

Tomorrow after a sumptuous breakfast here at the Hampton Inn we're off to Greenville, South Carolina to spend a couple of days with my brother John and his wife Barbara. I'll be sleeping in the same bedroom (and bed) that my Mother died. That probably should bother me but it doesn't When I stay with my brother Isaac in Pennsylvania I also stay in our Mom's bedroom and her bed. That freaks my brother out. Doesn't bother me, probably because that was my bedroom before it was hers. One of my bedrooms in my house in Delaware I have set aside as a shrine to my Mom. She never slept there but I kept it for her. I've put a basket if ger teddy bears on the her bed and I have her funeral book and sympathy cards on a bench next to her bed. That is the room I feel like she is there. She left those other rooms. It's my turn now.

But I'm getting off the subject. You know me and my blogs. I write just what comes into my mind. You all never know where I'm going. Sometimes I don't even know!

Just a couple of more things off subject before I leave you all tonight. Did anybody see Donald J. Trump get skunked last night at the White House Correspondents Dinner. President Obama, with aplomb, style and class easily handed The Donald his ass on a platter. Then Seth Myers (the comedian master of ceremonies) then proceeded to rip Trump an New One. Trump wasn't laughing. I LOVED IT! I live for this kind of Theater.

There was one other thing I wanted to talk about but I forget what it was now. My brother just called me on my iPhone to check in on me. I'm being 'eyed' out here! Talking on my iPhone while typing on my iPad. Techno Wizard here folks! Who would've thunk?

I had to come down to the business center here at the hotel to complete this blog.  It's great to be back to a regular keyboard even if it is one of those clunkly Dell keyboards (brings back bad memories). 

I removed the double posting of my orange tulip pictures (one regular and one in HD).  I wish I could post some of the pictures I took today but I don't know how to do that.  There is probably a way but it is beyond my skills right at this time.  I'll figure it out in time though.  Just another challenge. 

The worst part of this trip is over with.  The Big Haul down through the Delmarva Pensinula ending with going through Virginia Beach and Norfolk - an absolute nightmare.  And I hate the Chesapeak Tunnel.  I get very nervous going under the bay in that narrow tunnel with oncoming traffic.  SCARY!  I'm pretty sure this is the last time I am making this trip.  We're going back home a different way.  Either we'll take 81 up to Pennsylvania to visit my other brother or we will go directly home to Delaware by way of Washington DC which is what I was trying to avoid all along.  It can't be any worse than Virginia Beach/Norfolk. 

So that folks is my First Day on my Trip South.  More tomorrow!


  1. Day one is survived !

  2. Well, Ron, that was a major-sized mouse-less blog despite your doubts on being able to type it satisfactorily. And most informative too.
    I can well understand how the circumstances of this trip are causing tensions to surface between you and Bill. It was going to be profoundly affecting for each of you anyway.
    (Just after my own mother died, 6 years ago, when I went up north the following day to where she and most of my family live(d), until the day of her funeral I too slept in her bed. It was a choice of either that or on the carpet. I actually found it quite comforting to be spiritually close to her in that manner, though I can see how it might freak some people out.)

    I do hope the two of you can get through the next few days, and beyond, without any major scraps.

    We also saw a bit of Trump being 'trumped' yesterday. Very entertaining.

    Btw Must say I'm finding your pictures of flowers a real visual tonic. They always give me a lift. My impossible wish would be to smell them too, but it's a still a grand treat.

  3. I'm still thinking that Fred and Bill were separated at birth.
    Hope you two don't kill each other during this trip.
    Your Friend, m.

  4. Mark,
    We're doing all right now. Bill can see the mountains. We'll take the secenic route home.

  5. Dr Spo

    We'll survive. We always do. We've been at each other too many years to do otherwise.

  6. Seeing how other gay couples interact makes me realize that my interactions with my spouse are par for the course! :)

  7. Tiger,
    Oh yes, things definitely don't run smooth at Casa Tipton-KellyPlenty of fireworks in this marriage.

  8. anne marie in philly7:46 PM

    same here; spouse and I sleep in separate bedrooms (I am a light sleeper and he is a snorer/kicker/talker). if I don't get my beauty sleep, I am a bitch!

    I could never do the tunnel - I have claustrophobia issues.

  9. "We truly have very little in common.." That made me smile. Rick and I are at each other all the time too. That's what makes it work. I am leaving for LV tomorrow. We are driving. Ricky wants to stop and take picture of the ghost town. I just want to sleep.

    Best wishes to you guys, and keep posting those flowers.

  10. Thank you Jeff. Bill and I had a trying day today driving through the Smoky Mountains in the rain, fog, winding roads, and malfuncting Navigon. We got through it and Bill is now resting as I will soon.


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