Friday, May 13, 2011

Touching Base

White Rose at the Inn where I work

Just touching base here folks to let everyone know that I am still alive and well.  I worked at the hotel last night 3 pm to 11 pm then in this morning from 7 am to 3 pm.  I don't have to tell you workers out there that I'm operating on exhaust fumes at this point.

Thank goodness my manager hired the replacement full-time front desk clerk today.  This time it is an elderly man like me.  That's good news because unlike the front desk clerk who left, who was a single Mom with two female children, I probably won't have to be called in on short notice like I have been in the past.  You know how it is with the single moms, always one of the children is sick or she can't get a baby sitter.  Us single guys, rarely a crises unless we're passing kidney stones (which happened to me a couple of years ago causing me to miss a week's worth of work).

So here I am folks, pushing off of of these blog postings that I hate to do.  Little content and nothing clever to say for you all to remember and gush over.  Just touching base letting you know I will be on this schedule for at least another two weeks.  The new front desk clerk doesn't start until May 27th.  At least his training will be minimal, he is coming from a job as a hotel front desk clerk.  Thank God for small favors.

The hotel is full this weekend.  As I left today at 3 some  of the kiddies were already in, screaming and talking non-stop.  I can forsee a LOT of calls to the front desk for extra pillows and blankets.  Hopefully I don't get THAT call for the clogged up toilet (a not unusual occurrence when the kids are in the rooms - they tend to throw towels down the toilet - probably one of the reasons our major competitor hotel in town doesn't accept children).

I'm in tomorrow afternoon 3 to 11 and the same hours for Sunday.Then I have two WHOLE days off until I do it all over again...for the next two weeks.

Hold all my calls.


  1. anne marie in philly10:22 PM

    now, if I were going to stay in your town, the hotel without brats would be the place for me to stay!

    I can't stand kids, that's why I never had any.

    we will be here when you get back.

  2. Thank you Anne Marie, one of my most loyal followers. I don't like neglecting my blog this way but I don't see any other way around my lack of time. I will touch base as often as I can though. I hope I can remember all the interesting things that I encountered on my trip.

  3. oh enough of the 'old man' pokes! You are as brandy as a billy goat and have more ummph than most 30 year olds I know!

  4. It a hard way to come off a vacation. It's good to see your posts though. The iPhone? pic is excellent! Good luck for the next two weeks.

  5. I've just had a week taking the workload of a workmate who has kidney stone treatment.

  6. Oops Dr. Spo, I slipped into my "old man" mojo again. Thanks for the reminder that I'm still young.

  7. "Pushing off of of these blog postings that I hate to do. Little content and nothing clever to say..."

    Tell me about it! The story of my blog-life.

  8. Oh I will Tiger! My back is aching noe. One more day then REST!

  9. Don,

    I just found out I'll be working fulltime the next three weeks. What a workout.

  10. Tai,

    I've had two cases of kidney stones. Last year my co-worker filled in for me while I recovered. You don't want to get kidney stones. The pain is almost unbearable.

  11. Rick,

    You know whereof I speak. ;)


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