Friday, May 27, 2011

A Breather

Still working full blast at the hotel.  I have a little window of opportunity here on this warm, sunny Friday morning to update my blog.  Of the four front desk clerks at the hotel - one quite which was why I was working full-time.  Another (full-time) had a family emergency which caused her to be missing in action from work all this week.  The third front desk clerk, who is part-time like me, also had a family emergency (her dog was dying).  So you know where that left me.....working EVERY DAY.  Both the manager (who is doing day duty this morning) and I have been filling the void.

I was so exhausted two days ago after completing my shift, I could even see straight.  I had just finished shoveling dirt for over two hours (I thought I had the day off that why I made that major physical expenditure) to complete the dirt island for our three new river birch trees.  By the time I was done my shift, every muscle in my body ached.  Even my bones ached.  My body hasn't felt like this since I went out for the track team in high school and my then young body was subjected to hours of intense physical workout.  It was different then because I was so young (16).  Hey, when you're 69 years old the ole body reacts in a whole different way to extreme physical workouts.  One benefit, I finally lost that ten pounds I've been trying to shake for a couple months.  I'm down to 158 (from 168), lean and mean pounds.  Hardly a trace of the spare tire ("love handles") are left.  Big whoop!

Pictured is my first asiatic lily bloom of the season.  I actually had a chance to tour the backyard this morning and I caught this beauty in the early morning sunlight.

I'm off to work again today, the eve of Memorial Day weekend.  The kiddies are already in the hotel (I checked them in last night).  I've already had one of the guest who are coming in tomorrow ask if there is a barbecue grill in the suite.  EXCUSE ME?  It never ceases to amaze me what some hotel guests expect.  The answer I gave is NO.  I suggested that they go to Gilligan's Restaurant which is about twenty steps away from their suite and order their grilled hamburgers (or whatever) THERE.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh poor Ron!
    I've also had a busy week for finishing a research plan.

  2. Have a great weekend Ron, and get some rest!

  3. What, no grill in the hotel room? Well I guess I'm not staying at your hotel then!
    Your Friend, m.
    p.s. you are working too hard. m.

  4. Ron,

    A BBQ Grill in the suite? Wouldn't it get a little smoky? Maybe turn on the sprinkler system? I've stayed in a lot of hotels with a lot of amenities: ice-makers, coffee, fireplaces. Maybe they could grill in a fireplace, at least roast wieners on a stick.

    I suppose you might find this somewhere, perhaps some hotel has a grill on their room balconies, I did find one. It was in Myanmar and the BBQ grill was on the patio, so I guess that would be too inconvenient.

    I don't know. How can you call yourself a boutique inn if people can't grill in their room?


  5. Tai,

    Yes! Poor Ron! :)

  6. Cubby,

    I'm working the whole weekend but at least tomorrow is double-time. Next week I go back to normal or at least what passes for normal with me. :)

  7. Mark,

    I just got a call from the same guests who inquired about the grill. Now they inquired about a pot big enough to cook spaghetti for 15! WTF?

  8. Lar,

    Always and adventure in the hospitality business. Nothing surprises me anymore.

  9. I can only imagine what zany requests you must get in a hotel.
    Perhaps a blog entry is in order viz. the craziest requests I have had?

  10. Keep an eye on those guests and have the police on speed-dial, just in case! Good luck and don't overdue it!

  11. Spo,
    I literally could write a book about my hotel front desk experiences. The odd thing is that much of it is unbelievable. It falls under the category "You can't make this up." Really. The reason I don't write about my hotel experiences now is that I think the owner reads my blog and he wouldn't appreciate me writing about the hotel. Also, if I write about my experiences at the Hampton Inn and Marriott, that probably wouldn't be appreciated because over the years I have made friends with hotel guests and I think some of them read my blog. I'll have to wait until I'm completely out of the hotel business before I can write about it. Reality is stranger than fiction though and my experiences are proof of that.

  12. Tiger,
    I do have the police phone number on speed dial. Fortunately I haven't had to call at my present job but I did numerous times at my previous job. As I said in my previous comment to Spo, reality is sometimes unbelievable. You just can't make up some of the experiences I've been through at the front desk.

  13. Well, start collecting things
    Sort of the equivalent to "Oldest Confederate Widow Tells All" , not that I see you as old, or confederate, or a widow !


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