Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Muggies are Upon Us

Me and my neighbor Marty yesterday morning - she was out for an early morning walk and I was out enjoying the fresh early morning air.  You can tell I just got up from bed. My father used to look the same way right after he got up in the morning.  Egads, I have turned into my father!

Yesterday was a much needed day of rest for me.  After having come off of seven straight days of work at the hotel, I was exhausted.  Wipe out.  Knocked out.  As much as I like my job, seven days in a row is a bit much, especially on a holiday weekend.

The hotel was full, lots of happy guests, no problems.  Still, I was glad to get out of town (Lewes) on Saturday.  I had to wait longer than usual to exit the parking lot because of the crush of people and heavy traffic on Pilottown Road.  It is on days like this that I thank God I don't work in Rehoboth Beach.  When I go home I have to turn on Rt. 1 north.  I'm going the opposite direction than the horde of tourists coming down to Rehoboth Beach, Ocean City and points south for the holiday weekend.

When I get home I usually relax by working out in the backyard.  With the heat and humidity that isn't quite the pleasant experience that it has been last month.  The Muggies are here!  The mosquitos are here too. Summertime is here!

This morning I'm starving myself (no breakfast) because I have an 11 am appointment at the Georgetown VA for my labs.  That's where they draw my blood and run various tests to determine that my body isn't failing.  I know they're going to question me about my weight loss.  Since our trip south at the beginning of this month and my almost non-stop work schedule I've lost ten pounds.  I'm down to 157 pounds now which is actually a little too much.  I wanted to lose about five pounds but more than that I tend to look gaunt and Ichobod Crane like.  Once I get back on my regular work schedule and eating a decent meal at night I will add the missing pounds.

This is probably my favorite time of the year.  Warm weather and long days.  I really don't mind the muggies and the hot weather.  It's the light I'm after.  I thrive on a lot of light.  The short and dark days of winter depress me.  That's one reason I have a ton of windows in this house, I want to let in as much light as possible.  I thrive on light.


  1. I think I started following you blog around this time last year. I should go check.
    11a.m. sounds like a late appointment considering you haven't eaten.
    I will surely see you and Bill this Summer. I just have to!
    And you know what, I'm embarrassed to admit this but I am more than 30lbs heavier than you and probably 6 inches shorter. I feel really fat now. m.

  2. I misready your post title first and thought it said "Muggles". Another Harry Potter fan, I thought! ;) Take it easy in the heat and humidity. As my grandmother used to say in exasperation; "Old people in the heat!"! ;)

  3. whenever I fancy moving away from the Southwest, I am reminded 'out there is humidity". It hit me like a hot hand when I landed in Hawaii - yikes!

  4. I know what you mean about the light. I love this time of year, too. Where I live, the sun rose today at 6:20am and will set tonight at 9:42pm. In three weeks, at the solstice, it will still be light at 11:00pm. Conversely, we have very dark winters. Tradeoff.

    BTW, I'm at 150 lbs right now and want to lose at least 5lbs. I'm short, so extra pounds really show up. :)

  5. Dr. Spo,
    Humidity immobilizes one's activities. Humidity hits me like a hand around my throat, I can't breath. Humidity is one reason I never even considered moving to Florida (Ft. Lauderdale) as many of my contemporaries have done.

  6. Walt,
    I thrive on light. I dread the dark days of winter. I could never live in a place like Alaska, with the short days of winter and the never ending days of summer.
    I understand completely your desire to lose five pounds. Five to 10 pounds may not sound like a lot to some but when I put on that extra weight it is all around my waist. I feel like I'm carrying a Fat Tube. I am at my 'fighting weight" now which is where I feel the most comfortable. I may be tall but the extra pounds really shows up on me too because it all goes to that one place, my waist.


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