Friday, May 20, 2011

Hanging On

Ryan contemplates "How am I going to do this?"
Last night I worked until 11 pm.  Headed home in the rain.  I got up this morning at 5 am to be at work by 6:30 am.  I have to set up the breakfast buffet at the hotel.  I just got off work from a very busy day.  I do the whole thing over again tomorrow.  Usually I work Wednesday and Thursday nights 3 pm to 11 pm.  However, the past week and the next three weeks I'll be working five days a week, Tuesday through Sunday.  This weekend is the Big Wedding, which is always a fun bonanza.  Actually, the wedding guest haven't been too far.  We'll see what tomorrow brings, the day of the Big Wedding.

Ryan unties the ropes

What got me today was one lady who called to make a reservation for next week and wanted me to assure her that there would be NO STRAWBERRIES at the breakfast.  Well folks, we DO HAVE STRAWBERRIES.  She said "I can't even have strawberries NEAR any of the food!"  Well, you know what dearie?  Don't stay at any hotels or go out an eat, that's my advice.

Ryan unloads...the first tree

This is just one example of why I like working at a hotel.  I never ceased to be amazed at what hotel guests request, ask or do.  I've been in the hospitality business for over ten years now and there is always something new that I haven't faced before.  Someday I will have to write a book about my experiences.

Ryan delivers...the first tree.  Beautiful....tree.

For now I'm trying to keep my life in balance and not being too successful.  I have a couple of tons of top soil that is to be delivered next week.  That delivery was delayed because of all the rain and the compost people rightly believed I would be paying for wet dirt.  I need the top soil to build a mound around my new river birch trees.  I had those delivered last week by "Ryan" (a hunk and a half thank you please).

Ron digs a hole (not the first or last he will ever dig)

Sometime next week we have to go to Pennsylvania to my brother's to pick up my Mom's wheelbarrow that is almost brand new and now not used by my brother (he's not a gardener like me).  And to top everything else off one of our sprinkler heads in our irrigation system popped yesterday.  I got home too late to call the irrigation people to come out and fix it.

And cleaning the house?  Forget it.  Now that my whole schedule is disrupted by working full-time, our normally pristine abode will have dust bunnies abounding.

I'm trying to keep up on my blogs.  Stream of consciousness here.  I was talking to my brother about working full-time and he understood completely.  He's also retired.  He said he couldn't do it now.  I'm doing it but I'm struggling.  It's hard to believe that in my previous life I used to commute back and forth to Philly every day and come home and do yard work until dark and on the weekends do all my chores.  Who was THAT PERSON?


  1. ron,

    i can imagine that it is a huge adjustment going to full time work. for me, full time work would be a relief, since i work full time as well as do my therapy internship. i think it all adds up to about 60 hours a week. that is why i don't blog as often as you do! but it will all pay off in a couple of years when i have my license and build up a practice where i only have to work about 24 hours a week. that will be the life! as for now, i just DON'T clean the apartment. but my secret is that i keep it neat, so it always LOOKS clean. that and the dim lighting. don't tell anyone! and don't even get me started on customer demands--been in the customer service industry all my working life--ready to get OUT of it. --tony

  2. I will defend the woman; some people have a severe allergic reaction to strawberries. even been around one can evoke an allergic reaction.

  3. Ron, I tink you're doing very well considering. Keep your spirits up! I'm sure after this ordeal, you'll feel very good you accomplished it well. Oh, how nice that will be.

  4. Ron,

    I supposed if I absolutely had to, I could work full time, but I sure don't want to. It would really take it out of me anymore. I am pretty happy with the way it is now, even if it does hurt financially.

    Hang in there, buddy, hang in there.


  5. Don't overdue it and good luck at the wedding!

  6. Lovely your place Ron, looks fresh and clean. My dream!

  7. Thank you Tai. It's my dream too. :)

  8. I'm hanging in there Lar. Two more weeks! Today took a lot out of me too.

  9. Thanks Tiger. The wedding is over and all survived. Plus, the earth didn't end.

  10. Tony,

    Perhaps the biggest problem with me working fulltime is that Bill (my partner) feels neglected. When I come home exhausted I just don't feel like chatting it up. I'm at work now catching up on my blogs. I like to work and will always work. But I don't like working fulltime. When you reach your goal of working 24 hours a week you will understand what I mean. You'll like it.


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