Monday, May 16, 2011

Not a Good Day

Today was one of those days in which I questioned should I continue to work at my part-time job at the hotel.  I like working and the extra money makes my life a little easier but there does come a time when the lack of appreciation of the amount and quality of work that I do and the verbal abuse becomes too much.

Without going into details because I suspect some of those I work with read this blog, let's just say I am reevaluating if it is worth it to me to continue to work part-time.  I knew there would  be a problem when I was asked to work full-time (if only temporarily) because I am an easy target.  The irony is that I am not the problem at work.

I'm due back at work on Wednesday.  Let's see how this drama unfolds.  One thing that isn't going to happen is for me to be on the end of unwarranted verbal abuse.  I am a good natured, non-confrontational person but I too can only take so much.  I've just about had enough.

I hesitated posting this blog because it is negative.  Try as I might, I wanted to post something positive today but my heart just wasn't into it.  The past week I've worked so hard and expended myself so much only to be unfairly criticized.  I can understand the criticism but what I will not accept anymore is the manner in which it is delivered.  And what especially galls me is that there is never, NEVER any recognition for all the right things above and beyond that I do every day.  NEVER.

So the best I can do today is post a picture of the pretty flowers that I saw in a local greenhouse yesterday.  Enjoy.


  1. I am sorry you had such a day. I know this feeling!
    I think you are fortunate that if you don't want to work you don't have to work? This gives you some mastery and control of the situation then.
    I hope it works out.

  2. Ron,
    Oh, not good. Sorry to here this. We were just talking about some of the ups and downs of the "corporate life" yesterday and you seemed in good spirits. Sorry things have went down hill.

    But cheer up, maybe after Saturday none of it will matter. ;)


  3. That job, especially this week, seems to be killing you. If you really "need" it, well then continue. But if you don't need it, is it really worth all of the stress?
    Miss you here in Blogistan.

  4. I agree with Mark. Unless you really need this job, and unless things resolve themselves today, I say that you tell them to "take this job and shove it!"! ((HUGS))

  5. Anonymous1:20 PM

    Take a deep breath! Remember, none of it really matters. I tell myself this everyday. Those flowers are beautiful and I suspect they reflect back from a beutiful person who took their picture.

  6. Anonymous3:58 PM

    Sorry about the negativity at work. Don't know what else to say. Except ... You really and truly are an artist with that iPhone! Take care.

  7. I only wish those flowers you so expertly capture on camera could cheer your spirits as much as they always lift mine.

  8. Raybeard,
    Thank you for your kind and generous comment. There are a few of your comments that I haven't responded to yet but I hope to when my work schedule goes back to normal. I'm glad to say though that my spirits are much better today and your comment certainly helped. Thank you again.

  9. Larry,
    You know how a work situation can quickie deteriorate because you've been through the same thing as I have. We both come from the same background and we both have the same work ethic. And you know that sometimes we are taken for granted and not appreciated which saps all of our enthusiasm for our jobs. I'm glad to say that I think I overreacted in this particular situation.

  10. Dr. Spo,
    You are exactly right, I do have some mastery over this situation. I don't need this job to survive financially but I do need it for my mental well-being. I would hate to lose it but I will not continue to work if I dread going into work. In this particular 'crises' it's quite obvious that I overreacted. I will continue to be the smiling face behind the front desk at our local boutique hotel in Lewes, DE.

  11. Tigerchanter,

    I am happy to say that the situation has resolved itself at work today. Very happy to say.

  12. aviewfromthemeadow,
    You are right in that what does all this matter in the big picture anyway? While I didn't want to lose my job I wasn't going to continue in a job that made me unhappy. I am happy to report that I believe I misread the situation at work and all is well.

  13. Tai,

    Thank you for the compliment on my flowers. Your work is my inspiration! You gave me the idea to post pretty things on my blog. Thanks!

  14. Mark,
    The heavy work schedule (full-time at the busiest time of the year) is stressful but I can handle it. What I can't handle is not being appreciated or, even worse, being unfairly treated. Thankfully I am happy to report that I think I overreacted to a situation at work and all is well. I will continue to a happy retiree working part-time at a hotel front desk. My favorite type of job!

  15. Domanidave,

    Thank you for your comment. Doesn't the iPhone take great pictures? I took the picture at the header of his blog with my iPhone over the weekend. I have almost retired my Canon digital camera. My iPhone takes so much better pictures and it is so much more convenient. I love it!


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