Tuesday, May 24, 2011

With Eyes Wide Shut

Friends dining at the Bay Leaf Restaurant in Milton, DE May 24, 2011

As all of my friends know, when I dine out with them I usually ask the waitress (or waiter) to take a picture of me and my dining companions before the meal.  I know that my habit sometimes annoys my friends.   I try to restrain myself but to little avail. Occasionally, like last Friday's Dine Out, I didn't pull out my iPhone camera.  I actually got through the whole meal sans pictures, probably much to the pleasure of some of my dining companions.

However, tonight I wanted to take a picture of me and my friends because we were dining at a new restaurant in Milton called The Bay Leaf.  I was with a group of my VBDF (Very Best Dining Friends) who I hadn't been with for too long because of vacation and my recently crazy full-time working schedule. We call our club "The Old Geezer's Dining Club". Yep, we're all retired and way over the hill.  We're at the age where we just enjoy each other's company.

So tonight right after we placed our orders I asked the waitress to take our picture with my iPhone.  She happily obliged.  She took the picture.  She handed me back my iPhone and I glanced at the picture and saw smiles around.  I was pleased.  I sent the picture to my dining friends by the way of my iPhone.

We had our dinner, which was delightful.  We lingered after dinner over dessert and coffee, catching up on everything since the last time I was out to dinner with my friends.

I come home.  I pull up the picture taken of us dining and what do I find?  I HAVE MY EYES CLOSED!

Can you believe it?  One would think that after all these years of having my picture taken dining out with my friends that I could at least keep my eyes open!

You know why?  After all these years I'm just not a poser.  I never would make a good model.  I cannot smile on command.  Spontaneous pictures of me are the best.  When I pose, and there is even the slightest delay, this is what you get from me.  A doofus with his eyes WIDE SHUT.

Hey guys?  Let's do this again!


  1. You still look happy! I don't mind at all having my picture taken. It's fun and flattering (usually)!
    Glad you had a break from your hectic schedule.
    Yes, we'll do it again. It's too fun not too!

  2. I actually didn't notice your eyes being closed until I looked for a second time on you mentioning it. (Maybe the shutter click coincided with your blink?) I don't think it's that conspicuous.
    It's a really nice photo, though - and despite any objections I too find it good to capture for all time happy occasions like this.

  3. Don,
    I had a good time. I liked everything except the Eggplant Parm. We will have to do the Rehoboth Diner sometime. I'll show you who makes the best Eggplant Parm in the region.

  4. Ray,
    One of my favorite activities, dining out with friends. I could eat out overnight!

  5. Ron,

    Didn't even notice. Even after you said your eyes were shut I had to look real close to tell. It probably wasn't that noticeable because you had a big smile and your head up, so hopefully this faux pas hasn't ruined your life.


  6. I didn't notice it either until you pointed it out! What can you do? :)

  7. So what! I still like the picture.
    But the restaurant... Are you sure it was good? It looks like a converted Arbys. m.

  8. Mark,
    You're on to something about that restaurant. Actually, it wasn't that good but it is a lot better than what was there before. A LOT BETTER. You have a sharp eye my friend. :)

  9. Tiger,

    And I have such beautiful dark blue eyes too. :)

  10. Anne,

    Click on "Don Voth" above to go to his blog. Good to hear from you!

  11. In our house, the traditional statement to say after any photograph is "How did my hair come out?"

  12. Looks like a nice group of fellows. Of course, you couldn't see them with your eyes closed.


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