Saturday, May 07, 2011

Front Royal, Virginia

I'm sitting at my desk at my room in the wonderfully clean and comfortable room at the Front Royal Hampton Inn. What a huge difference in hotel accommodations from the cavelike room I had at the Red Roof Inn in Johnson City, Tennessee.

We decided to check out early in Johnson City in order to shorten the miles we would have to travel to get our rental van back to Enterprise on Saturday. There was just no way we could drive 10 hours tomorrow and get back to Delaware in time before Enterprise closed and we would have to wait until Monday and incur an extra day's charge.

We both got up very early (4 am) and were the first customers for breakfast at Burger King, just down the street in Johnson City from the Red Roof Inn where we were staying. Of course the Red Roof Inn doesn't offer breakfast. No surprises there.

After breakfast we had to kill five hours before I met up with my cousin Anne Tipton, who I have talked to on the phone many times but never met face to face. I disappointed her last year by not meeting her when I was in the Johnson City area. I didn't want to disappoint her again. But oh we had all these hours to kill while we were waiting for her to finish her brunch at her nieces graduation at ETU.

We waiting at the Tipton-Haynes Historic site in Johnson City for here. I surprised my friend Penny McLaughin who is the site director. She was busy with a bus load of second graders who were on a field trip. Those kids were so cute as their teacher was telling the "Three Piggies" story. I video taped that on my Flip video camera and will post it on You Tube when I get home tomorrow.

Oh yes, HOME! I am so looking forward to skipping in my own bed and getting back to my regular routine again.

Anne did show up at 1 o'clock and We fi ally met. I am now glad I waited because I liked her immediately. And.....she showed me new Tipton graves which were right down the street from the Historic Site. She showed me her parent's grave and her brother's graves. I took pictures and can now check off those folks whose pictures of graves I have to take for Fi d a Grave.

It's late and I'm making more typos than usual. That's a sure sign I am exhausted. I see a big, comfy king sized bed beckoning to me.

I'm coming, I'm coming!


  1. You sound so happy to be coming. I hope your journey home is a speedy one. After all there is no place like it.

  2. Spo,
    Home sweet home, no place on earth like it. We're home now.


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