Thursday, December 04, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Me and my cousin Edward "Bud" Tipton - 1951

This week's Throwback Thursday is 1951, when I was ten years old.

I'm pictured with my cousin Edward "Bud" Tipton (same age).  

The place was the West Chester Fishing Rodeo, West Chester Pennsylvania.

Believe it or not, I won first prize for catching the biggest fish of the day.  I caught a 13 inch trout.  My picture was taken and published in the local newspaper.  

Now here is the irony:  I wasn't a fisherman. I had only fished a few time before, for a fish called "Sunnies".  The fisherman was my cousin Bud.  So who wins the fishing rodeo contest?  Me.  

Another irony, I've never fished since.  I figured I quit while I was ahead.


Jack said...

Beginner's luck, works every time. Fishing was something I could never get close to. When I was younger I tried with a friend both fresh water and salt water, never caught many fish and thought the whole thing was a waste of time. Most ironic was I hate fish. I don't eat it. So that being said, fishing was all the more, a big waste of time. Strangely I do like seafood, shrimp, scallops, lobster, etc. If it swims I won't eat it. Go figure.


Ron said...

Hey Jack, I don't like fish either! No kind of seafood, shellfish, shrimp or anything that lives in he water. We're a small club, we sea food haters. Include Pat in that club. As you say , "If it swims I won't eat it."


Jay M. said...

A 13" trout! I'll bet that made your day!

And I'm glad there's a seafood haters club...that means MORE FOR ME!!!

Peace <3

Ron said...

You can bet I didn't eat that fish.😜

pat888 said...

Hey Ron - I know when I was young I would sometimes have fish and chips. And even back then it didn't seem quite right. But that and some salmon and tuna fish sandwiches is all I could do. Now nothing. Can't touch any healthy sea weed either. Just all too fishy.


Ron said...

Same here! Like you there was a time when I could eat a tuna fish (white albacore only) sandwich and my mother made some terrific salmon patty cakes. Today I can't eat anything that swims, nothing. Not even tuna fish or salmon. Once at a restaurant I ordered salmon and I almost threw up. Had to toss the salmon before I "tossed it". I don't like anything that even remotely smells "fishy." As you say "it didn't seem quite right."

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