Thursday, December 18, 2014

Throwback Thursday - September 1974

Me - Provincetown - 1974

Ah yes, I remember September 1974 just like it was yesterday.  Actually it was FORTY YEARS ago. I'm finished folks.  I don't know how much longer I can put off the inevitable.  This "Ron Show" doesn't go on forever your know.  But I do have good memories.  

In the Seventies I always vacationed in Provincetown, Massachusetts.  The Gay Disneyland as P-town was called back in those hallowed, disco-crazed days.  

At first I used to spend at least a week in Provincetown, staying at Angel's Landing on Commercial right in the center of Provincetown.  With one exception (Labor Day Weekend 1974 - the time this photo was taken by Bill) when Bill went with me, I always traveled alone.  Oh wait, I didn't always travel alone.  On three other occasions I took a "guest" with me (Bob M. one trip and Brad C. on two other trips).  Both didn't turn out the way I had planned.  Both of the guys, once they got into Provincetown, met someone else and took off with them until it came time to return to Philly (I was paying for the plane tickets) at which time they showed up on my rented doorstep. Ah yes, those were the days when I was played for a fool.  See, not all good memories but I had plenty of other good times to offset their betrayal.  

I loved Provincetown because of the geography, and the freedom.  Even though I was out at home and work, I still felt the yoke of homophobic oppression on me when I lived and worked in Philadelphia.  First time I walked down Commercial Street in Provincetown, I felt that total sense of freedom that straight people take for granted all the time.  

For many gay people, Provincetown was a source of unfettered gay sex.  Not for me, not that I'm a prude (far from it).  But the Bacchanal Sex Buffet just wasn't my thing, romance was (fool that I was). 

Back to reality.  Here I am today; sitting at my computer desk; fatter, older and grayer with sagging skin and a daily need for a nap.

Happy Throwback Thursday everyone.  I hope your memories are as happy as mine.


  1. I would like to participate in a bacchanal but I think they don't happen anymore; like two-stepping it's out of fashion.

  2. What a hot photo, Ron!


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