Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sunday in Rehoboth

Ann of Old Time Photo - Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

Today I decided we needed to get out of the house and I took a ride down to Rehoboth Beach.  

As you know from my previous posts, I rarely travel down the infamous Route One to Rehoboth Beach anymore.  Putting my life and limb on the line to sit in a traffic pattern isn't my idea of a way to pass the time by.  I would rather be working on my computer, updating my family tree or blogging.  But today was different.  

With gray and overcast skies I told Bill we were going for a ride.  First stop was the Hallmark card shop.  I had to pick up a few Christmas cards for those special people in my life.  Thank goodness the traffic was light on Route One or else I would have turned back.  I did see that they're working on Route One (again), this time putting in sidewalks in front of one of the outlet malls. It's about time.  Route One is not only dangerous for drivers, it's downright deadly for pedestrians.  

I got my "special" cards and I stopped in Safeway.  That place sucks.  Hardly anyone in there, overprices, dim lights and slow moving union help.  I didn't buy anything and got out of there.

On to Rehoboth Beach.  Next stop at my friend Ed's place on Laurel Avenue.  I haven't heard from him in several weeks since he was found collapsed on the floor of his Pennsylvania home, unable to move his legs. Last I heard he was on a walker now.  He wasn't home.  His house looked so sad and lonely among the newer houses all around his cottage style house.  So bedraggled, like him.  Sad times folks, sad.

Next stop Rehoboth Avenue.  I stopped in the year round Christmas store where I took this nifty new banner photo you see at the top of my blog.  I felt guilty for just going in the store so I bought one of those Christmas decorated wine bottles with mini lights inside of them.  That set me back $20 smackers.

Next stop Browse-About-Books.  It's been a long time since I've been in a book store.  Reminds me of the lunch time days when I used to work in Philadelphia and I would browse the book stores near the bank where I worked.  I still have books I haven't read that I bought during those years.  Of course I bought another book today, about the Plantagenet kings and queens in medieval England (I'm still coming down from my "The White Queen" high).  

After paying for my book purchase I sauntered down Rehoboth Avenue and stopped in the old time photo store.  As luck would have it one of my very favorite persons, Ann, was in the store.  She was busy but took time to give me a big hug (I needed it) and let me take this picture of her which I  have posted at the beginning of this post.

While Bill waited in the car I continued on down to the boardwalk.  I didn't stay there too long, COLD!  I took a couple of panorama photos of the Santa Claus house on the boardwalk and the kiddies waiting outside and then headed back to my car and got out of Dodge Rehoboth.  Thus ended one of my rare visits to downtown Rehoboth Beach from yours truly.  Always an adventure folks. As Bill often says "life with Ron." 


Unknown said...

I sorta like Rehoboth Beach, but then I haven't been there in peak season, only March! Does the Christmas store stock any gay-themed ornaments, or do they fear stoning by the infidels?

Peace <3

Ur-spo said...

you and Ann must be very chummy by now.

Ron said...

I didn't see any gay-themed ornaments. Rehoboth is still in the "family friendly" mode I suspect. Of course gays have families too but the "infidels" don't get that concept . . . . yet. In time, in time hopefully.

Ron said...

We are Dr. Spo. She took our wedding video. I tried to shake her hand today to wish her a "Merry Christmas" but she insisted on going around the counter and giving me a full body hug. Lovely!

Unknown said...

It's me, Jay in VA. After being g00gle-nuked, I took on a new, low-profile profile name! You can call me Jay!

Jack said...

Going into a Christmas store, especially one that's open all year, has always given me great enjoyment. I used to decorate to the hilt, and a collection of Santa Clauses that numbered 75 plus in stuffed and statuesque and about an equal amount of small curio cabinet size figures. Bringing out all of that every year along with decorating a 7 1/2 foot tree became a daunting task that I decided several years ago to streamline, small tree, a couple of my favorite Santas. Then a couple of years ago I just took everything out, lined it all up in the dining room, took one last look and gave it all away. I kind of miss them now but I have so much left to deal with. I enjoy seeing others decorations, just as long as I don't have to participate in the putting up and taking down. I'm not a Scrooge, I just leave Christmas to the younger generation. I send family cards, hang a wreath on the door, put up a pre decorated and pre lit 3 foot tree and call it Christmas.
Fa, la, la. Ho, ho, ho.

pat888 said...

Ron - don't know what's going on - but I push "publish" and the screen sends me to sign on when I am already signed in. Then I have to rewrite message. Of course never as clever or funny as the first posting LOL. But I did say I'm glad you had that happy meet up with Ann who is a very nice person. And - that I always enjoy your videos - even if they are about you looking a little sheepish walking around in stores.


Ron said...

Like you I used to go all out and decorate for Christmas. Spend thousands of dollars buying presents (afforded buy profit sharing distribution from the bank where I worked in my Previous Life). Then one year I decided to stop the gifts (except of my Mother). That Christmas stress was immediately cut out of my life, much to my and Bill's relief. I was never one for receiving presents but I did like to give presents but I don't think they were ever appreciated (never got thanks anyway). These days I enjoy seeing others' Christmas trees hearing Christmas songs. I put some candles in my windows, light up one ceramic tree (I have three) and send out Christmas cards to let those I no longer see that I'm still alive (and looking forward to receiving a card from them that they're still alive) Works for me! Merry Christmas Jack.
Your friend,

Ron said...

I don't know why your comment disappears either. It's probably a Blogger problem but I don't know how to correct it. I know what you mean, when you redo the comment it's never the same as the initial spontaneous writing you first do. And the videos, I do seem nervous don't I? I think I'm afraid that the store I'm in will arrest me. Everybody seems to be so paranoid about their privacy these days.