Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve

Me getting ready to visit my friends Bill and Janet and their family - Christmas 2003

Tis Christmas Eve already folks, and nary a mouse is scurrying around the house (I hope not!)  

Last night was a little busier that usual at the hotel.  Room heater not working, no WiFi signal, where to park . . . the usual.  Kept interrupting my nap time (not serious hotel owner if you're reading this blog). SMILE.

At this time of year I remember years past when I was invited to my old school friend's house for Christmas dinner.  Bill and his wife Janet put out the perfect "Father Knows Best" Christmas celebration.

Opening presents at the Brookover's Christmas Day family celebration - 2003

I've included some photos of the last Christmas Day I spent at their house in 2003.  Again, I am surprised at how fast time goes by.  Remembering that Christmas, it only seems like three or four years ago. Eleven years!  I can just imagine where I'll be eleven years form now; probably six feet under in my plot at the Northwood Cemetery in Downingtown, Pennsylvania.  It's ready folks, just a matter of time before I make that Final Appointment.  But for now let's remember fond memories of Christmases past.  

Me with my friend Ruth Brookover at the Brookovers' Christmas Day Dinner -check out my Christmas shirt (I still have it) 2003

Also, this time of year I think of my Mom.  Today would have been her 91st birthday.  Happy birthday Mom.

My Mom, Betty Tipton,  the last year of her life - 2010


Bob said...

Merry Christmas Ron, to you and yours!

Anonymous said...

That beautiful Betty smile ....

~ Canuck

Breenlantern said...

Happy Merry Glad Tidings and all that jazz!


nitewrit said...


Yeah, I was surprised when I saw how long ago it was you went to the brook overs. It seemed like just a couple years ago to me, too.


Jon said...

Your Christmas memories are always appreciated. That's a sweet photo of your Mom. Have a warm and peaceful Christmas Eve,

Unknown said...

Sweet post, Ron. Merry Christmas to you and Bill!
I'll be alone tomorrow, which is OK. I am going to see the Forbidden City exhibition at the VA Museum of Fine Art. I figured if they are going to be open, I should give them a reason to be. I suspect I won't be the only person there.

Then I will cook a Christmas dinner, and later on, RB may be coming over (if not tomorrow night, then Friday), and we'll have a second Christmas day together!

Peace <3

ps...note that I got rid of the "Jamie". G001e protested, but I won the battle.

Geo. said...

Merry Christmas, Ron.

MAC said...

Merry Christmas... and here's to a FABULOUS 2015!

Raybeard said...

Have a very happy one, Ron. Thinking of you, wishing you well - and everything that goes along with it..

pat888 said...

Hey Ron - nice card. A very merry and blessed Christmas to you and Bill. Love the pic of your mom - she looks so bright and with it in that shot. Always loved the name Betty. Wishing you a prosperous, happy and healthy 2015!!


Ron said...

Thank you George. Same to you.


Ron said...

Right back at you MAC!


Ron said...

A wonderful Christmas to you and your family too Bob!


Ron said...

Thank you Canuck. Mom was known for her genuine, warm smile. One of the things I miss the most about her.


Ron said...

My best to you and your family always!

Ron said...

That old hour glass is running out isn't it? A "couple of years" all too easily turns into eleven years.

Ron said...

Your Christmas memories are always appreciated also! I just read your blog last night. We have very similar views of Christmas. You're one up on me though, I never got to sit in Santa's lap.

Ron said...

Thank you Jay. I hope you have a splendidflourous holiday!

Ron said...

Always my best to you and your devoted feline following.

Ron said...

Thank you. Oh how I wish you could have met my Mom. Everyone loved her. Even at the end when she wasn't quite herself. I think your mom and my Mom had a lot in common. Wouldn't it have been great if they knew each other? I always think of the "what could have beens." (smile) Have a wonderful Christmas Day with your family Pat.

Ur-spo said...

what lovely photos; you have the best collection of photographs.

Raybeard said...

I and they say "Ta!"

Ron said...

Thank you Dr. Spo. I have hundreds (if not thousands) still be be scanned. But ironically, there are huge chunks of my life when I didn't any photographs at all. I missed so many opportunities, especially taking photos of myself with friends, which I never thought of then. Now, as you know, I always try to include myself in the selfless that I take.