Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Flower Delivery

Yesterday around 5 o'clock our door bell chimes went off. Bill answered the door, thinking it was our neighbor Bob who frequently brings food to Bill (we have great neighbors).  However, this time Neighbor Bob wasn't at the door.  Instead the person at the door was a women in her seventies (we have a lot of seniors working down here in Lower Slower) delivering a bouquet of flowers.  "For me?" was my first thought but Bill said "No, they're for Shannon" (our next door neighbor).  Our neighbor Shannon wasn't answering her door so the lady flower deliverer asked if we could take the flowers for Shannon.

Bill put the bouquet of flowers on out black granite counter top where I was stuffing my face with dinner of biscuits and chicken a la king (without the pimentos).  

Bill asked me to call Shannon and leave a message that we had flowers for her.  Bill doesn't like nor does he make phones calls.  I made the phone call and left a message.  Shannon is a school teacher and her husband is a physician's assistant (PA) who works in the emergency room at the local hospital in Lewes. Even though they have two small girls, they're frequently not at home. Not unusual.

So why am I telling this rather mundane, routine, everyday occurrence and making it into a blog entry?  It's just another example of how Bill, when something is out of the ordinary,  is like a dog with a bone, he just won't let it alone.

Ever since the flowers were delivered yesterday Bill's been after me "Call Shannon and tell her there are flowers for her."  I said "I called and left a message. That's enough."  I'm ready to go on with my life.  I put the flowers, which didn't smell good by the way (they smelt like cat pee) away from where I was eating and placed them by the fireplace.

Last night until he went to bed all Bill could talk about is:

"Why didn't she call?"

"What's the matter with them?"  

"I shouldn't have accepted the flowers."

"I'm not going to do this again."

You get the idea.  Bill's routine has been disrupted.  He won't let it alone.  He was driving me crazy.  In fact, even as I type this he said: "I'm going to take those flowers over now and ring their doorbell!"

When I got up this morning for breakfast, there was Bill again "Call Shannon."   

I called her again and left another voice mail.  Then I called her cell phone . . . and left a voice mail.  

Bill went over to the flowers and pulled off the card.  

Uh . . . I think we have our answer as to why Shannon isn't returning our calls.  

I told Bill "Let it go.  Shannon has more things on her mind now than to pick up a bouquet of stinky flowers."  

Of course he didn't let it go.  He just delivered the flowers.  Ah, such is life at Casa Tipton-Kelly.


Raybeard said...

Good - or not so good - punch-line, Ron. I hope that Bill made a suitable commiseratory remark when handing them over, or would that have betrayed the fact that he'd read the very personal message? Why don't you ask him? ;-)
(At least it's nice for me to know that to some my own flat must be smelling of 'flowers'!)

Ron said...

I don't let things like this bother me but Bill . . . . mountains out of molehills. Actually it was a good thing that Bill read the card or else I would still be calling her and leaving messages. By the way, she just called and said she would be over tomorrow. In the meantime, Bill has already taken the flowers over and set them by the garage. Wow.

Jack said...

Enough said. Bill takes "follow up" to another whole level or two. I hope if he finds you "fallen and can't get up" that he will at least call 911 and report you're down. I'm sure he would, wouldn't he? I hope. Right? or would he hand the phone to you?

Anonymous said...

Hi, Ron. Isn't it interesting how we get easily flustered when our routine is disrupted. I think this tendency gets stronger as we age, too. I know you've mentioned before that you try to get Bill out of the house for a drive everyday. Is it possible he has some social phobia or anxiety issues? I know that left to my own devices I wouldn't leave my home for days at a time. I dread the ringing of the phone or a knock on the door (and, yes, I take meds for this and try to improve things via self-help books and websites; therapy didn't really help). Anyway, now that the flowers are out of the house, maybe Bill can relax.

Also, if that was a photo of the actual flowers, I want to agree with you that I think lilies smell bad. In fact, over enough time their odor will give me a headache and nausea. It's a shame because they are lovely to look at, and are such a popular choice in funeral arrangements that I always have to keep visitations to a minimum. ~~~ NB

Mike said...

Cat pee? Really? The roses should have had a decent fragrance. The lilies -- maybe not. They look like Asiatic lilies, some of which are fragrant but others are not. Best fragrance in a lily is the Stargazer, but it's very powerful so you don't want too many unless they are going to be in a very large room.

Ron said...

He would probably hand the phone to me.

Jay M. said...

See, I love Bill for this. I accepted a delivery for a neighbor (many years ago). He wasn't home. It drove me crazy until he FINALLY arrived back home (from VACATION) to get the package. I also had his mail, but the damn box drove me crazy. And yes, I get the whole routine thing. As I age, I find myself enjoying the routine (rut?). Knock on my door, I'm going to peep out and decide if I'm going to open it. From the second floor loft where I mostly live my at home waking hours.

Sounds like you don't have that bad a life at Casa Tipton-Kelly!

Peace <3

Ron said...

The photo I posted on my blog was a photo of the actually vase of flowers. I always try to use the real deal unless the photo isn't available or too private.
Bill does have a social phobia. He would prefer to stay at home. I'm alright with that but sometimes it does create a problem, like when he won't answer the phone if I call. He doesn't know it's me, he just doesn't want to respond to the phone.
He's still stressed about the flowers. He put them over next to their garage and has been checking to make sure they picked them up. I told him "Forget it. Move on." Man oh man, getting upset over nothing.

Ron said...

I understand a disruption to one's routine. I don't like my routine disrupted either. I told Bill that if this happens again don't accept the package or flowers. I'm glad I'm able to provide a safe and secure (and comfortable) home for Bill in his advancing years (86). But he does get stressed when that routine is disrupted and thus he disrupts me. But you're right, we don't have a bad life at Casa Tipton-Kelly.

Ron said...

I don't know why these flowers stink but they do. We get weekly deliveries of Asiatic lilies(Stargazer) at the hotel and they smell very sweet. In fact, more than a few times some guests have complained that the oder is overpowering with its sweetness. I like the smell. I even have Stargazer lilies in my backyard in the summer. But I don't know what this florist did to these flowers but they really do smell like cat pee.

Ur-spo said...

I am often amazed how Bill doesn't have a heart attack. Rigidity kills; and it is constantly interrupted.

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
Perhaps the main reason I urged Bill to retired 31 years ago was that he just couldn't handle change. He's safe now but every once and a while, change interrupts his safe routine no matter how much I try to keep that "change" outside.